E-Mail Spam With True Threat

I’m getting spam today saying “My man has carried a bomb ([some random explosive here]) into the building where your company is conducted” and they will set it off if they aren’t paid some bitcoin. That’s meme comical. I haven’t laughed so hard since somebody set up us the bomb.

Look, if you’re going to get all technical, please learn the difference between a primary explosives, secondary explosives, and blasting agents, if you want me to take you seriously. Also, use of proper English grammar and vocabulary would also be helpful. Best comment I’ve seen so far:

The venn diagram of people who know how to pay them in Bitcoin and people who would fall for this is very small.

Apparently there are businesses all across the country evacuating over this. I have a feeling whatever Nigerian basements these guys are sending this stuff from is going to get found and raided relatively quickly by third world cop standards.

5 thoughts on “E-Mail Spam With True Threat”

  1. Pretty funny. Bitcoin was at $20,000 a coin a couple of months ago, this morning it was trading around $94 About half of what it was last week.

    1. No. Like not even sort of. You might be thinking bitcoin cash or some fork. Bitcoin’s current value is $3800 today and the lowest I saw was $3400 or so. It’s no $20,000 like it was, but you are servely mistaken in current “value”.

  2. Fu…No nny view today. So far the workside response has been 1x 911 call with cops/dogs responding, 1x C level exec calling me to have me chk into the whole thing (and spam filter) & then I ended up emailing or calling 3x C levels & 2 directors. Interesting times when IR gets expanded into Hoax Response.

  3. The demands for Bitcoins by Nigerian/Chinese/Indian extortionists is amusing. Here’s one that I received recently:

    “You can complain to the cops but nobody will help you.
    I dont live in your country. It means nobody can trace my location even for 3 months.
    I upload a virus on your OS.
    We turned on your web-camera, during your porn-site visit.
    Now I have the video material with you, caressing yourself.
    Having VNC connection we downloaded your contactlist and if you ask us to stay silent I want to receive 430 $ in bitcoins.
    Use this wallet address for payment
    (something like a credit card number)
    You have 30 hours after reading this message to complete the transaction.
    There is no need to write me that you have sent money to me. This bitcoin wallet was connected to you, my system will delete everything automatically after transfer verification.
    If you need 48 hours just reply on this letter with +.
    All the best. Dont forget about the shame.”

    Solution: don’t do things that open you up to shame or extortion. I think someone is making money selling these scams to stupid Third Worlders who are wondering why they aren’t working.

    1. I’ve been getting that scam for a while too. Easy to ignore when you know they can’t possibly have what they are claiming!

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