Get Your 3D Plans

Published over at Code is Free Speech. Also, seen on the Internets:

In a world where there are 3-D printers and thumbdrives (not to mention peer-to-peer file sharing over networks), this fight is already over. About all we can do is pass laws that are 21st-century versions of the 19th-century British law that required a man with a red flag had to precede the dangerous menace of horseless carriages to protect the public.

Yep. That’s exactly what this is.

7 Responses to “Get Your 3D Plans”

  1. aerodawg says:

    Can’t stop the signal. Streisand effect generator engaged….

  2. Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

    Its awesome the response to this violation of the First Amendment. Just bloody awesome.

  3. Dave says:

    codeisfreespeech appears to have been shuttered, the home page looks like a hosting default page, which makes me think the host / provider may have pulled the site.

  4. The_Jack says:

    As of 11PM est codeisfreespeech is back up. And files are downloadable.

    The gun control folks are bragging about it, but they’re going to start to get tired with wack-a-mole.
    And if the claim here is not just them taking credit… it sounds like they’re advocating vigilantism

  5. Dave says:

    it looks like their “new” host is down too.