Get Your 3D Plans

Published over at Code is Free Speech. Also, seen on the Internets:

In a world where there are 3-D printers and thumbdrives (not to mention peer-to-peer file sharing over networks), this fight is already over. About all we can do is pass laws that are 21st-century versions of the 19th-century British law that required a man with a red flag had to precede the dangerous menace of horseless carriages to protect the public.

Yep. That’s exactly what this is.

7 thoughts on “Get Your 3D Plans”

  1. Its awesome the response to this violation of the First Amendment. Just bloody awesome.

  2. codeisfreespeech appears to have been shuttered, the home page looks like a hosting default page, which makes me think the host / provider may have pulled the site.

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