World’s Smallest Violin, Right Here

It’s a shame, because I agree that turning schools into prisons as a solution to mass shootings is wrong, just like I think banning the killer’s gun is wrong. But the irony here is delicious. Sucks having to pay for the actions of a madman doesn’t it? So maybe now you know what it feels like to be a gun owner, and have people repeatedly trying to limit your personal freedom at any excuse they can find.

16 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Violin, Right Here”

  1. So maybe now you know what it feels like to be a gun owner, and have people repeatedly trying to limit your personal freedom at any excuse they can find.

    Naw, because “the right to not have a clear backpack” is obviously a fundamental human right, but “guns” and “self defense” and such are just Old White People non-rights, man.

    I’ve found that people in general only want everyone to have the liberties they personally like.

    The exceptions, real civil libertarians, are, well, very much the exception, to our collective detriment.

  2. Obviously the founding fathers never intended the 4th Amendment to protect large capacity backpacks.

  3. That’s it. Beat up on the kids. Makes you look like real solid citizens.

    A lot of chickenshit assholes right here who have never been shot at in anger doing some serious armchair quarterbacking.

    Stuck to the law and order angle and leave the rest for the tabloids.

    1. I think you will find quite a lot of people here have been shot at. I have not, but there’s a decent cadre of veterans. I am not beating up on the kids, but complaining about having your freedoms curtailed while advocating for curtailing other people’s freedom is rich.

    2. That’s it, don’t challenge the kids. Let them spew hate and incorrect information. That’ll build them into real solid citizens.

      A lot of people think that being shot in anger gives them some sort of insight into stopping being shot at, and that taken away rights is the solution.

      Stick to tech and leave the rest for people who know what they are talking about.

    3. That’s it. Beat up on the kids. Makes you look like real solid citizens.

      As opposed to you using traumatized and comprehensively-ignorant teenagers as human shields for your shitty, authoritarian policy preferences, which makes you look like, what, exactly?

      I savor the irony of being called a chickenshit asshole by some anonymous rando on the Internet.

    4. Those kids, most of them, have never been shot at. Hogg was not, he was reportedly in a different building.

      1. This isn’t repeated enough. None of them were in the same building.

        1. Emma Gonzalez said in an interview that she was in the auditorium, and hid there until the cops came.

          So, she was not shot at, she never saw the shooter, and the people who were with her were not shot or shot at. It’d be like saying I was a “shooting victim” because there was a shooting at my apartment complex in the building across the parking lot.

          You put yourself in the national spotlight by advocating for the wholesale infringement of the civil rights of millions, you don’t get to hide behind the “but we are just kids” shield, IMHO

    5. If you really “work at a certain tech company”, why do I have the feeling you were one of the mob baying for the blood of co-worker James Damore?

      Do you realize what that made your cohorts look like?

    6. I got news for you, asswipe!!

      I’ll use David Hogg as an example. He needs to be criticized and outright defeated over his antigun, anti political dissent, and anti Free Speech bullshit! David Hogg has slandered, libeled, defamed, and disparaged the NRA,GOA, their memberships, other gun-rights groups and the 95-135 million gunowners of America by calling them;

      1). Terrorist worse than ISIS
      2). Child Murderers
      3). Serial Killers
      4). Murderers with the blood of children on their hands.

      He and his bullshit “March For Our Lives”, leftist, slush fund, activists splinter faction are on a mission to abolish both the 1st and 2nd Amendments in one fell swoop.

      Also, his little side-kick Emma Gonzalez was wearing the Flag of the Communist Dictatorship of Cuba on her Jacket at the March for Our Lives Rally. It shows you who these kids really are; like the Red Guards under Mao Zedong, and the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot.

      Go back to some Obama Propaganda Outlet like Centers For American Progress.

      You’re not here for anything constructive, but are trolling gun-rights blogs like this using “internet-Antifa” tactics.

    7. Why are you beating up on some random dude on the Internet, who self-hosts a blog, which he puts his own money and time into?

      Why does David Hogg deserve special protection? Because he’s a kid injecting himself into the national conversation? Why shouldn’t some guy who has a tiny platform be free criticize someone who now has a national platform? And what is it about children, that produces a magic force field that makes their ideas rock-solid, unable to be criticized?

      Heck, why are you criticizing some little guy on the internet?

      And why are you ignoring all the kids who defend our 2nd Amendment rights, or worse, why do you criticize them? It seems odd that this magic “don’t criticize children” shield only seems to work for certain opinions…

  4. The solution is gender-segregated high schools.

    The problem is boys without dads being bullied and teased by girls at their schools.

  5. Clear backpacks ensure that the kids have nothing with which to fight back when the government-managed mass murderer shows up to kill them. It helps to ensure a higher body count for the gun ban left, who are in control of the schools.

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