I Guess We’ll Find Out How Much Oregon Has Been Californicated

A semi-auto ban will be on the ballot in Oregon. This will take local organization to defeat. People can’t sit around waiting for NRA to “do something.” Fundamentally, no one knows your local gun community and what motivates them, and what messages will reach them better than you do. If you’re in Oregon, this article by Dave Kopel is a must read.

I don’t think it’s impossible to defeat this. We almost outright defeated Bloomberg in neighboring Nevada on Universal Background Checks. We have to show them that gun bans are off the table.

8 thoughts on “I Guess We’ll Find Out How Much Oregon Has Been Californicated”

  1. Under Heller, this wouldn’t be allowed. But we all know how well the courts do their job.

    This could be a good thing. Knocking down a ban like this in a statewide vote could show that these are just not viable.

  2. Yes and No- it isn’t on the ballot yet, they still need to collect the signatures. We’ll know for sure by mid-July if it will make it onto the ballot.

    Either way, we will have to work to combat it. Especially since I must assume Bloomberg money will be funneled heavily into the area to push it.

  3. Notice how nowhere in the NRA-ILA article is there any mention of what they plan to do to help combat this. All I’m seeing is “Talk to your friends” and “We’ll keep you updated”. Did I pay life membership dues so the NRA can run a blog, or actually help protect and advance 2A rights?

    Sure, they’ll run some ads and send some mailers out, but what they need to do when these things are announced is have an off-the-shelf PLAN. Outline what you’re going to do and when, and how you’re going to get the ground game running. We need to carry this and not rely on them, but I do expect to see some facilitation of communication on their part.

    Bloomberg and his minions know that the left is energized for November. Most won’t be coming out because of gun control, but they know they can piggyback off an anti-Trump electorate to get all kinds of anti-gun garbage passed. I hate to say it but their enthusiasm to stick one to our President and our complacency is becoming a very dangerous combination.

    1. Thumbs up to all you said. Going back to the whole “Russian Collusion” Witch-Hunt with Mueller, the Left is energized to first and foremost, seize power back at all costs.

      The Political Left is motivated because they believe 2016 was actually stolen from them. Combine that with the Establishment GOP scuttling it’s House and Senate Majorities, I firmly believe, that fueled by the Establishment GOP’s wanting, 2018 will be a bigger “Blue Wave” than we expect.

    2. On the one hand, the Left *seems* motivated.

      On the other hand, I’m not at all convinced that the Left is as motivated as people make it out to be. So far, the preliminary election results have been a mixed bag.

      On yet another hand (or tentacle, in my case), we shouldn’t get cocky. We should *assume* the Left is energized, but we shouldn’t let that assumption convince us that all hope is lost. Because it isn’t!

  4. “Notice how nowhere in the NRA-ILA article is there any mention of what they plan to do to help combat this”

    The reality is that the grassroots in Oregon must fight it themselves like we fought Bloomberg’s UBC in Maine in 2016.

    This means Letters to the Editor, daily reader comments in the newspapers, bumper stickers, yard signs, rallying other gun owners, etc…

    There are **NO** shortcuts.

    **IF** NRA National sees Oregonians putting up a fight, they will probably come in towards the end to help finance part of the effort — they did for us in Maine and it did help.

    (good luck and start fighting it **NOW** — time is **NOT** on your side **UNLESS** you start early — there are many misconceptions to overcome)

  5. Well, this is hitting close to home. I don’t live in Oregon, but Washington is probably next.

    Time to start writing to the legislators. All of them.

  6. This is what democrats running for state office here want done to us. Yup. They want to require permits to own a gun.

    State Senate Candidate Laura Sturgeon

    “common sense gun legislation must be part of the solution. Our legislature has already taken steps to make gun ownership safer in Delaware, but we should go further. I will support efforts to ban assault weapons, limit the maximum magazine size available in Delaware, and require a state permit to purchase and own firearms.”

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