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Visiting Bitter’s grandmother, who turns 90 this year. When grandma invites you out to Hawaii, and offers you a condo to stay in, and a guest membership at her country club, you go! I’m still jet lagged, so things won’t return to normal until Monday. I hadn’t had a real vacation since, well, we went to Hawaii to visit her grandmother in 2010.


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  1. aloha, to bad they are so anti gun. I love Hawaii and try to go once every 2 years. Each Island has its own charms. We usually do a week in Honolulu then a week on another island. Still have to do more than a day on the big island, and I want to get back to Kaui to do a wild pig hunt. Ran out of time last trip, and still wasn’t strong enough after all of the cancer surgeries.

  2. All work and no play makes a body duller than snot.

    Good for you and Bitter.

  3. The comment I made for the previous post, about how I can perfectly understand how you don’t have time to attend to your blog? Now that I know you were spending so much time in Hawaii, I take that back! You should have been spending *all* your time in Hawaii attending to your blog! /sarc

    (Indeed, this last weekend I went to Southern Utah for a Cousin’s Reunion. I intended to take time to flesh out a couple of essays, and to read several chapters of study material, both while riding to and from, and while relaxing at the Ranch. While I *did* read a chapter or two, I spent most of the time talking to my wife while we took turns driving, and talking to my wife’s cousins while sitting around at the Ranch.

    Funny how vacations work out that way! ;-)

  4. Glad y’all got some down time! I’ve spent so much time there (including stationed there three years), that I don’t care about going back. But for those who haven’t spent that much time, it can be an interesting place to explore. Especially Kauai and Hawaii.

    1. I love the BI, and I’d love to get over to Molokai someday. Sebastian kept joking that he was going to get a boat and sail over there this trip.

      But yeah, Hawaii, I could spend weeks on that island and never get tired of it with so much to explore. And the fact that it’s basically redneck country outside of the cruise & resort areas makes it so much more fun.

      Kauai intrigues me, and we did talk about going there next time. I’d love to spend more time with my grandmother, but Oahu is just too much. The traffic is terrible, the people are everywhere – even places they weren’t when we were there last – and there’s only so much to do. Next time, we’re going to break it up across two islands.

  5. Geez, at least the Hawaii photograph could have included a bikini-clad beach babe.

    1. The thing about Hawaii is that there are plenty of bikinis on the beach, but many on bodies you may not consider babe. I’m sure I’d be slammed for body shaming, but there are some that make me think things like, “Huh, I didn’t know they even made bikinis that large.” It’s not like I have a bikini body, but I also picked out a swimsuit that flatters. :)

    1. In exchange for said vacations, she signs me up for crazy leftwing newsletters & magazines because she doesn’t understand how I’m not a limousine liberal like her, especially after having lived in Massachusetts for years. She was slightly horrified to find out that Sebastian not only supported my activism on gun rights, but that we met through it. But she still accepts him – and me, most of the time. :)

  6. Heh. The previous vacation, you got me to fill the slack. This time, I slacked.

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