So Long Twitter

After reading that Instapundit got suspended by Twitter, I’ve decided I’m done with it. I was angry that they censored Milo Yianopolous, but the fact is that Milo is a provocateur, so he runs the fine line. Glenn Reynolds is no Milo. Twitter is run by censoring fascists, and while I agree it’s their sandbox, I sure as hell don’t have to play in it.

I’m removing the Twitter platform from the blog’s social media, and I will no longer be posting on it. You can still find us on Facebook (for now). This post will be the last that will be posted to Twitter. We are done with it. If you value free speech and free expression, you should think about being done with it too.

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    1. Maybe I should take a look at that. To be honest, cutting off Twitter is not going to cause any pain. It hardly sends any traffic. Facebook would be a lot more painful.

    2. I’m going to try Gab out too. But the way I’ve used Twitter, I purposely stayed anonymous. With “Checkmarks” I’ll have to decide if I want to stay anonymous or not.

      It’s funny with Sebastian planning on leaving Twitter in that I just noticed that I wasn’t even following him there. But I’ve been visiting this forum 3+ days a week.

      As for Facebook, I had an account for a time then got rid of it. I only miss FB when someone uses it as the only means to know when they are having get-togethers. If it becomes the defacto communication medium I’ll become a non-person I guess. already some news websites use FB to view/post comments to their articles.

      1. I signed up for Gab today. I got a message telling me I was 64,876 (or something like that) in line. I should expect a two week wait (#twoweeks).

        Ten minutes later I got an email telling me I was live. Piss on Twitter.

        @chiefjaybob on Gab. Sign up there.

    3. I’m on Gab. I had quit twitter in February. I’m @JoeMiller.

      Gab is still a little clunky, but I am willing to give it a shot.

  1. I never joined up in the first place. Facebook was and still is an okay place to read, debate and infuriate, with no real word limit! Plus, I never understood the need to monitor multiple social media presences. One is more than enough for me, and it’s where my loved ones actually spend time.

  2. I use Twitter only to monitor local government, police, and parks feeds, and just started that around 6 months ago. Like RAH, my view of Twitter is that it’s a toxic 24/7 flame war (outside of the above-mentioned) that nobody needs.

  3. I actually deleted my Facebook account (after deleting almost every post dating back to 2008 on it.) I sometimes find more utility / ability to find different perspectives on Twitter, but the latest with Glenn Reynolds has stretched me almost to the breaking point.

  4. I don’t do Twitter, so can someone trace back the sequence of things for me?

    While Kevin Creighton used a great number of words justifying a self-defense scenario, Glenn Reynolds appears to have limited himself to a very few; “Run them down.”

    Not “Run them down if necessary to defend yourself” (I think that would still fit Twitter, no?) but just “Run them down.”

    There appear to have been both protestors who were threatening, and those who weren’t. So, “them” seems ambiguous. Run down people who are threatening you, or, just people you don’t like who are inconveniencing you?

    Please explain to this non-Twitterite how I would have understood Creighton’s couple hundred words, in Reynolds’ three words?

    1. Twitter has basically become a sewer of bad manners. I actually haven’t been active on it for some time, and the blog’s only relationship with the platform was auto posting the articles. Glenn’s banning is really just the latest in a long list.

      Lots of nasty stuff on Twitter, but their admins haven’t been even handed about how they apply it. If you have views disfavored by Twitter’s admins, you’re far far more likely to have the ban hammer come down on you.

      Like I said, their sandbox, but I don’t have to play in it.

      1. “Like I said, their sandbox, but I don’t have to play in it.”

        That all sounds like a fundamental failing in the contemporary assumption that a “movement” can be based on social media. The media’s owners have to like what you’re all about, or they can shut your movement off anytime.

        They will decide whether you are a terrorist, or a freedom fighter.

        1. Two is one and one is none.

          Diversify your social media input and output. And in Sebastian’s case, he runs his own outlet.

  5. I followed you on Twitter before, and didn’t like your stuff on Facebook. I’ve unfollowed you on Twitter and liked your stuff on Facebook.

    Apologies for not being there before!

    Duane Norman
    Owner/Operator of Free Market Shooter

  6. It’s right out of the Communist playbook: first control the means of communication.

  7. I ditched twitter when Milo was permabanned. Account deleted and app removed from my phone. It’s sweet to watch the news on twitter today, advertisers are fleeing the platform.

  8. I think Twitter is what you make of it. I mostly just post my rides and follow cycling stuff. Not a lot of flaming there.

      1. Facebook, for all of the hassles their “real names” policy causes (and there are a decent number), lacks the kind of anonymity that turbocharges the GIFT ( Also, a lot of people are aware their mother is reading what they post, so are a hair more polite. IMO, of course.

        There’s rough and tumble commentary and intemperate language still, but the extra accountability is still moderator.

  9. I was never on twitter much, but deactivated my account…who needs it?

    Then today I heard that it’s for sale..maybe to a decent businessman, not a SJW asshole

    1. They apparently forgot the “have a marketable product” part of their business plan, or at any rate got stuck in the internet gnomes’ Stage 2: ??? without getting to Stage 3: Profit

  10. Seen elsewhere and nicked
    “Jim Cramer just compared Twitter to being in the stands of an Eagles home game in a Cowboys jersey. #NailedIt”

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