Bombings & Mass Stabbings

Apparently there was a mass stabbing in Minnesota while I was incommunicado, which ISIS is taking credit for. Supposedly he asked at least one person if they were muslim before cutting them. Personally, I think it’s very courteous of jihadists to stop and ask whether their victims are muslims first. I very much appreciate being offered the time and opportunity to prepare my reply.

Looks like we also have dumpster bombs going off in New York City and in New Jersey. Same dude suspected in both bombings. With all this activity, I’m glad Glock weather is soon to be upon us. I’d hate to have to engage a stabby jihadist with a pocket pistol.

4 thoughts on “Bombings & Mass Stabbings”

  1. “Looks like we also have dumpster bombs going off in New York City”

    There is something fishy about that dumpster bomb to me. If I wanted to make sure my bomb wouldn’t actually kill anyone, I’d put it in a dumpster.

    Someone threw a grenade into a dumpster on my base one New Years Eve, and while it really messed up the dumpster, no other damage was done.

  2. The suspect in the NJ/NY bombing had a shootout with police (somewhat surprisingly, nobody died. And only the suspect went to the hospital last I heard).

    Not at all surprisingly, he was several kinds of prohibited person.

  3. While it turns out this AM the stabbing Somali in MN was not on any type of watchlist. So much for that bad idea the control freaks had!

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