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"Stagecoach" Mary Fields

NBC News is reporting “Millennials Are Less Likely to Support Gun Control Than You’d Think.” There’s a component of that generation that borrowed radicalism from their late boomer parents. But for the most part Millennials are more open to letting people do their thing if they aren’t bothering anyone. They are tolerant to a fault, if anything. There isn’t a whole lot of busy-body in that generation. So there is hope. But like I’ve said many times, if we can’t get them voting on gun rights, it won’t matter.

From the Columbus Dispatch, “More African-Americans favoring owning guns, but racial inequity alleged on exercise of rights.

Smith’s forum reflects what researchers see as growing interest among African-Americans in gun ownership. But becoming a black licensed gun owner is not a risk-free prospect, a fact brought to light this month by the police shooting of Philando Castile, who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon when he was shot in his car July 6, and by the presence at a Dallas rally the next day of perhaps 30 marchers openly carrying rifles.

Dallas police mistakenly labeled a black licensed gun owner as a “person of interest” after a black gunman who was not part of the rally opened fire, killing five police officers.

Read the whole thing. I’d expect that person would have been a “person of interest” no matter what color the protesters were. That isn’t intended to undermine the issue, because I think it’s real. It’s important that the RKBA movement keep spreading the history. If we can crack into the black community, women, and hispanics, the gun control movement has no viable future, even if Bloomberg keeps spending big.

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  1. There certainly seems to be a direct contradiction between the BLM movement and the gun-control movement. Perhaps that can get wedged to the anti-gunners disadvantage.

  2. It occurs to me there is an economic component regarding guns with blacks and Hispanics. Despite gang-bangers appearing to be well armed, guns are probably a luxury that a lot of inner city folks have to give low priority. They are not likely to get into them as a hobby, the way the rest of us do/did. And my guess is that the inner city population is more likely to vote for gun control, than their counterparts who have made it to suburbia, and have never had to live in fear of gunfire.

    An anecdote: More than fifty years ago I and some friends got into “open carry” for awhile with our handguns, before we learned that (then) it would be only a matter or time before the cops would roust us for “disturbing the peace,” or something. Anyway, one day we went to a local private dump to do some plinking, wearing our revolvers on our hips, and found a Hispanic family picnicking there. (Kind of sad, huh?) They panicked when they saw us, and ran away, as we picked “bandido! bandido!” out of their frightened chatter.

    At the time we thought it was kind of funny, but over the years it occurred to me that wherever they were from, they probably had never seen anyone carrying a gun for sport and recreation. The only motives for it they could imagine were evil. And being cocky young guys, we had done nothing to change that.

  3. “Millennials are … less interested in gun control than those who are older, so the data suggests it’s unlike a number of other attitudes say like, gay marriage where young people are much more liberal,” he said. “We did not see that in our data on guns.”

    No, the Millennials are being consistent with their liberal attitudes on those other issues. It’s the Democrats who are being inconsistent because they are not liberal on guns. They are authoritarian, which is the exact opposite of what liberal means.

  4. For Khepra and Clements, gun control isn’t about taking firearms from people, it’s about making sure the wrong people don’t have access to dangerous weapons through proposals such as increasing background checks, implementing waiting periods after purchasing guns, and a ban on semi-automatic guns.

    Oh, so it’s not about taking firearms away from people… well, except for that last part which is about taking firearms away from people. These people can’t even maintain consistency in the same sentence.

    1. Imagine if a Republican said, “look, we’re not about taking away a woman’s right to choose. We’re about making sure the procedure is safe, they have access to information about alternatives, and banning abortions except in the case of incest and rape.”

      1. “Imagine if a Republican said. . .”

        You’re right to point out the inconsistency (and bullshit) on both sides, but recognize there are those of us who will not vote for an anti-choice Republican any more than we would an anti-gun Democrat. I.e., people who really are “politically homeless.”

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  6. “Philando Castile, who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon when he was shot in his car”

    Didn’t the cops say he didn’t have a permit? And that the gun was in his lap?

      1. I’m still eagerly awaiting the final story about that death. So much crazy news of late the story sort of got lost in all the chaos.

      2. Also interesting, if the author is correct, that MN has a duty to disclose if asked.
        In the video taken by the passenger, she claims the weapon was holstered on the same side as his wallet, and no weapon was visible in his lap.

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