Weekly Gun News – Edition 37


Happy hump day. The two all-waking-hours work session the past few days has paid off, and I’m now a bit more free to get ready for the NRA Annual Meeting and clear out some tabs. Fortunately, a lot of the time is a car ride, and thanks to the wonders of 4G and WiFi tethering, I can blog while Bitter drives. BTW, there’s still some openings (or at least was as of the 15th) at the Annual Firearm Law Seminar. I will be there.

Living in a different reality: “How gun violence prevention finally became a winning political platform.” Bernie is a kooky old Senator of little note from Vermont, and if it weren’t for super delegates, he’d be within striking distance of the nomination. Gun control isn’t saving Hillary, the non-democratic nature of the Democratic primary process is.

Exurban Kevin looks at some of the people leading seminars at Annual Meeting.

You’re doing it wrong.

As a wise man once said: “Think of them as Democratic operatives with bylines and you won’t often go wrong.” She called for Australian-style confiscation as a model for the US to follow. They have no credibility with this at all.

Things are looking up in Missouri.

One of the architects of the SAFE Act is going to jail for 5 years.

The “2A” write-in campaign against Toomey managed to get a mention from Philly Voice. We really need to primary Toomey when he’s up in an off-year election, which is next time, assuming he wins this year’s election.

If we were completely honest with ourselves, the reason prosecutions are so low for people who fail background checks is that most of them are harmless, and probably had no idea they were prohibited. A lot more people are prohibited for mundane technical reasons than they are for robbing people or other violent crimes.

Speaking of creating vast new swaths of prohibited people.

Exurban Kevin wonders what’s going to happen when the gun bubble finally bursts.

Off Topic:

Ilya Somin, playing the role of Captain Obvious: “Political ignorance haunts the 2016 campaign.” It’s hard to ignore the problem now.

Seems like it to me: Social Networking algorithms boost conspiracy theories.

I keep saying my generation are horrible parents. Yes, our parents were a selfish lot, but we x-ers turned parenting 180 degrees and drove until we went off a cliff. We were the latchkey generation that became helicopter parents.

Glenn Reynolds: Don’t be a sucker for socialism.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 37”

  1. Holy Crap! Democratic operatives with bylines is right. I’ve seen some pretty bad spin from factcheck.org before on gun issues, but that attempt to give cover to Hillary has got to be the most insane and deliberate attempt to spin that I’ve yet seen.

    Good God, the Hillary campaign people even admitted she was referring to the DC v Heller decision when she said, “the court got it wrong”.

    The irony is that despite the attempt by factcheck.org to give Hillary cover, that damning reveal they pried out the Hillary campaign will now be front and center when proving that Hillary wants to gut the 2nd Amendment. And I doubt the Hillary campaign would have made such a damning admission without the assurance that an ally was asking the question.

  2. Re: Missouri

    And now the anticipation. To see if once again a Democratic Party governor will veto constitutional-carry, and if the legislature then overrides that veto!

  3. A David Axelrod tweet now carries the same authority as white smoke emanating from a Sistine Chapel Papal conclave. Last month Axelrod authoritatively declared a new piece of political conventional wisdom; Gun Violence Prevention is a winning political platform.

    Ending over 20 years of collective strategic advice and mythmaking from lesser political consultants, reviewing statewide exit polling of April 26th Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania’s Democratic Presidential Primary voters, Axelrod tweeted that Presidential primary candidate Hillary Clinton drew significant electoral support over competitor Bernie Sanders among voters concerned about gun policy.

    Oh no, liberals in liberal states don’t like gun rights! We’re doomed.

    In other news: gay rights is a big loser of an issue. So says people leaving church in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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