Nova Armory Update

At the end of the day, there are a lot more of us then there are of them, and we’ll show up when necessary. The Zoning Board unanimously voted to keep Nova Armory’s occupancy license in tact. From Virginia Citizens Defense League:

We had a HUGE turnout – truly flooding the room to standing room only proportions earlier in the evening.

There was only ONE anti who spoke, almost the entire rest of the room was wearing VCDL stickers. She gave several lame excuses why NOVA Armory should have their permit revoked AND she didn’t want NOVA Armory to be able to reapply EVER! (I love it when the antis overreach. Makes my job so much easier. They simply can’t help themselves, bless their pointed little heads.)

That even shocked the Zoning Board.

The Board members asked some very key questions and that gave me my first hint that they viewed this as a frivolous case.

I was particularly pleased that we had so many women speakers! I love to see women at these things as it destroys the stereotype of gun owners being only men.

RTWT. Hopefully no one will mind if I crib a photo, but I’ll link back to the source. Click on the photo to see what strong activism looks like. I’ll give Phil Van Cleave credit, he can turn them out when we need them.

Arlington Zoning Board Hearing

10 thoughts on “Nova Armory Update”

  1. One of my biggest regrets from my time spent in VA was not being a member of and active with VCDL. They are a great organization and a role model for other state-level 2A groups.

    I’m quite familiar with the area. Pulling this kind of showing out in Culpeper or Spotsylvania is one thing, to do it in thoroughly liberal Arlington is worthy of admiration.

    1. I’ve been a member of VCDL even when I wasn’t a VA resident! Given them money whenever I saw them at the Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly. They do a fantastic job at organizing. MD Shall Issue is good at too but they aspire to VCDL level of response.

    2. VCDL was originally the Northern Virginia Citizens Defense League. They changed the name some years ago, to diversity their membership statewide. But, the area outside of DC – Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church – has always been their backyard.

  2. Glad to see VCDL still flexing it’s muscle They are the most effective gun rights organization especially on a local level

  3. VCDL has a great leader in Phillip Van Cleave He is everywhere. And he has great response team. IF he quit VCDL effectiveness would go down fast.
    It takes a person that is organized and retired so they can go where needed to be a good spokesman. Plus he make sure his response people are civil

  4. Thanks, you made my day! It’s nice to see our side romp and stomp the anti-rights group once in a while. Hopefully Nova’s civil rights case takes hold as well.

  5. Virginia also has VSSA too, as I believe. Out together they are a gun rights powerhouse for Virginians. We need an organization like this in PA. FOAC doesn’t come close.

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