New Jersey Drops Charges Against Corrections Officer

Be careful when you leave America, as the old Uncleism says. A Pennsylvania corrections officer got nicked on a gun charge in New Jersey after being a victim in a DUI accident on the way back from Atlantic City. I was worried about this guy, since he got in trouble after Chris Christie suspended his campaign. Fortunately, it’s now being reported that the charges against the corrections officer have been dropped by the Gloucester County prosecutor.

This is how lasting cultural change begins. I know a lot of people were skeptical about Chris Christie’s candidacy, and I don’t honestly blame them. But it would seem that the powers that be in New Jersey are seeing real pressure about being outside the borders of the American norm. I have little doubt had this guy not been a corrections officer, but instead been ordinary Pennsylvania LTC possessing Joe Sixpack, the result would be different, but it is at least progress to see a New Jersey prosecutor do the right thing without needing a pardon from the Governor.

7 Responses to “New Jersey Drops Charges Against Corrections Officer”

  1. Publius says:

    Baby steps to freedom. Gotta start somewhere!

  2. Brad says:

    Blue State America — enter at your own risk!

  3. I don’t get it. Why does a Corrections Officer think he should be allowed to carry in New Jersey? He’s not covered by LEOSA. He doesn’t have arrest powers. He’s a freaking Corrections Officer, not a police officer. Unless he’s one of the COs who also is a sworn fugitive recovery officer, he can’t arrest, so where does he get the crazy idea that he’s covered by LEOSA?

  4. Jeff O says:

    Maybe he had a crazy idea that he was going to the armpit of New Jersey and should protect his wife no matter what the unconstitutional law says?

    If I was going to AC, DC, or Baltimore I certainly would take my chances, and I’m not covered by anything but my PA LTCF and the constitution. Just conceal it well, abide by traffic laws, dress nicely, smile and say yes sir.