Weekly Gun News – Edition 23

President Obama says he wants us to look toward the future. We’ll, we’ve been one step ahead of him. Thanks for all who have commented. I may have more comments as we ponder what we can accomplish in a FOPA II. Personally, I’d like a complete overhaul of GCA 68 and to get suppressors removed from the National Firearms Act. Call it the “Gun Control Modernization Act” so when the media reports it the other side’s barely engaged followers can’t be sure whether it’s good or bad. But enough about that, my tabs are filling and browser crawling:

What a shocker: The jihadist guy in Philly plead down a gun charge, and also the gun he used was a stolen police gun.

Professor Adam Winkler thinks one way to reduce gun violence is to raise the age at which you can buy a gun to 25. Eugene Volokh writes about the obvious constitutional issues involved with that.

Dave Kopel offers some legal analysis of Obama’s executive orders. Very thorough. Given how much interaction is on the Volokh Conspiracy gun posts, it’s a very good thing for us they got picked up by WaPo.

From on Volokh from Eugene Kontorovich: Obama’s gun seller policy seeks to chill rather than regulate. That was my belief too. The guidance document is a threat to prosecute, maybe.

Stephen Kruiser: “NRA Wisely Refuses Obama’s Invite to Gun Control Publicity Circus.” NRA is very good at managing their brand, and if they had gone, it would have cheapened it.

Joe Huffman: “As has been said by others, if they don’t want you to have a gun it’s probably because they want to do something to you and you would use the gun to resist…

Glenn Reynolds: #ThanksObama, linking to a story about new membership queries crashing NRA’s switchboard.

Eric Raymond: Why I joined the NRA.

SayUncle: Magpul All the ThingsATF Social Media Fail and simulating an active shooter scenario, only correctly.

Charles C.W. Cooke: “But, that caveat aside, I see no real problem with either [Obama’s] breakdown or with the empathy that it has invited. Insofar as his tears are a taken as an expression of genuine grief — rather than used to bully the dissenters into acquiescence — there’s nothing wrong with them at all.” Also, “Nobody should hope for violence in Oregon.

Cooke also gets one out in the New York Times, talking about the delusion of Smart Guns. I’m shocked they ran that.

John Richardson on single issue voting.

I agree: “2016 will usher in a fresh wave of assaults on Second Amendment rights.

The Huguenots and the Second Amendment. Both Bitter and I are descended from Huguenots.

They must believe a lie told often enough will be regarded as true: The 90% of guns traced from Mexico come from the US meme is running around again.

Gun control groups are getting out the endorsements for Hillary early. Coincidentally, Sanders is surging again.

6 Responses to “Weekly Gun News – Edition 23”

  1. Peter O says:

    Some nice links, thanks for posting all these. but these three all link to the PJMedia NRA invite piece:
    John Richardson on single issue voting.
    I agree: “2016 will usher in a fresh wave of assaults on Second Amendment rights.”
    The Huguenots and the Second Amendment. Both Bitter and I are descended from Huguenots.

  2. Michael says:

    RE: Assaults on the second ammendment: Washington state has a half dozen anti-gun bills in the legislature so far including an assault weapons ban and a five cent per round ammo tax. This is after getting universal background checks with I-594.

    • Brad says:

      The states are the place to watch in 2016. I just noticed a not-so-coincidental wave of stories about an opinion poll of gun policies in California, all designed to prime the pump for the Newsome supported 2016 anti-gun referendum in California.

  3. Dave says:

    2016 will usher in a wave of assaults on our wallets from NRA, NAGR, GOA and SAF. Several pro gun bills will hit the floor in congress and never make it out of committee, as with all the years in recent memory. BATFE will be resurgent, and state pendulums will begin to swing back toward gun control.