Putting to Rest Gun Control Myths

This article is a year or so old, but I thought I’d re-post it, because it is another one you should keep in your list to save for use when some gun control supporting person starts yammering on social media. Given Hillary is making gun control the centerpiece of her campaign, you’re gonna need it, for sure.

Some myths busted here are the “bad apple gun dealer.” Another part of the article busts the myths about where criminals really get their guns from:

Over the years the ATF and other government organizations have tried to answer this difficult question. In 1991, the ATF estimated that 37 percent of armed criminals obtained firearms from street sales, 34 percent from criminal acts and associates, 8 percent from relatives, 7 percent came from dealers, and 6 percent from flea markets and gun shows. More recently, a Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of state prison inmates convicted of gun-related crimes determined that 79 percent of them bought their firearms from “street/illegal sources” or “friends or family.” These “illegal sources” included thefts of firearms, black market purchases of stolen firearms and straw purchases.

Can someone explain how you stop this without making firearms exponentially much harder for the law-abiding to obtain? You can buy the book this article is based on here.

One thought on “Putting to Rest Gun Control Myths”

  1. You can’t. That’s why the antis have to lie to get to their goal. They know what needs to be done to reach their goal (the destruction of the gun culture). In the antis’ utopia, it is next to impossible to buy guns. Would criminals still get them? Sure, but the antis get to feel good about themselves, and they get to feel intellectually superior to us barbarians.

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