Weekly Gun News – Edition 13


Seems fitting that this week’s gun news post is unlucky thirteen, given how this week is going so far. I’ve got a lot to do this week, so let’s get on with it:

Apparently Newspapers in Connecticut don’t realize what NRA’s founding mission is: teaching Yankee soldiers how to shoot straight. This isn’t a “new way of making money,” this is what NRA was founded for, you ignoramuses.

I guess there are some judges that are pretty absolutist when it comes to the Second Amendment.

Miguel notices the irony of the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership quoting the Declaration of Independence while decrying people having guns as a check on government, ignoring the fact that the Declaration is essentially an outline for a just revolution. Probably because they hate America.

There’s an effort to try to get an assault weapons case to the Supreme Court. My money is on SCOTUS denying cert. That is unfortunately the safe bet these days.

Charles Cooke has his say about CSGV’s “swatting” tactics: “To call a first responder and to alert him that you are scared of a man with a lethal weapon is inevitably to set his heart racing and to raise his adrenalin level to the breaking point. If there is a better way to increase the chances of a mistake, I would like to know what it is.”

Speaking of Charles Cooke, you should be sure to read his masterful challenge to the anti-gun folks, if you haven’t already: “An Open Rant Aimed at Those Who Would Repeal the Second Amendment.”

Cam Edwards: “How Anti-Gunners Prey on Tragedy.” Tragedy is the currency of the realm in that movement.

Speaking of that, Joe Huffman notes the continuing decline of the Brady Campaign. If it weren’t for the Sandy Hook tragedy, they’d be under the waves by now. That’s probably why Colin Goddard is back from the dead, but now working for Bloomberg. I guess we weren’t the only ones to see the writing on the walls.

Yeah, sorry Jeb!, but the 2nd and 14th Amendment says the federal government gets to be involved protecting gun rights. That should, if the courts were willing to do their jobs, mean that gun rights in New York City would be the same as Phoenix. Didn’t Obama use the same argument in 2008? Trump is right. Jeb! is a loser.

Dog bites man: San Francisco is looking at creating more gun laws. So is Albany. California piles on too. Of course they are. The courts have all but surrendered on robust and meaningful protections for the Second Amendment right.

How about making gun powder from your own piss? This method has actually been around for a while.

I made the same mistake SayUncle did. Buy a safe for the number of guns you want, not the number of guns you have. Within reason, of course. I know there’s no safe made that big.

This ignorant mistake by Vox is funny, but it’s not the first time it’s happened. Dave Hardy (at least I think it was Dave) told me a story that the National Rifle Association actually used to be in the same building as the National Recovery Administration, and they used to get each other’s mail.

Hey look, the same coalition of rich assholes are teaming up again to screw gun owners.

You say that like it’s a bad thing: “Australia Reduced Mass Violence by Confiscating Guns. In the U.S., Police Sell Them Back to Citizens.” Sounds like the proper way to run a railroad to me. Never let them tell you nobody wants to take your guns.

Chris Cox: “In fact, even a seasoned propagandist would blush at the level of coordination now employed by those arrayed against us, especially considering that at its core, the “science” they continue to promote is devoid of any basis in reality. As Vladimir Lenin is purported to have said, ‘A lie told often enough becomes the truth.‘” When you see the same narrative popping up on a bunch of media sites, as is often the case, yeah, that’s no accident.

This meme about gun control being renewed, or re-energizing the debate has been seen many places. Again, this is no accident. This is coordinated propaganda put out by one rich billionaire meant to manipulate public opinion.

The “I’m a gun owner, but…” meme is now recirculating too. If you think there are actual gun owners behind this, I have a bridge to sell you. Though, I would be willing to bet a lot of money there are prominent people in the gun control movement who own guns, and not just for killing deer.

I really can’t detect a difference between these people and pearl clutching old ladies. The way to get back at dour puritans is just to have fun.

Tam: “Perhaps at some point in time, it was a thing for armed robbers to square up twenty-one feet from their victim and yell ‘Hey! Could you toss your wallet over here?’” Including a graphic of a target that even in my derp phase I thought was pretty derpy.

I’m going to guess this means Cabela’s won’t be caving into Bloomberg’s demands. Not that I ever really thought they would.

Bob Owens: “If this account is roughly accurate, we’re possibly looking at another situation where a law enforcement officer was worried about being attacked for using too much force against an ‘unarmed’ man or men.” The agitators have made self-defense a lot more risky. That was their plan all along.

I’ve known and worked with very good scientists who would agree that the peer review process is complete bullshit.

Look who also has her own private e-mail server. Kane is a Clinton ally, so this should be no surprise.

The White House has acknowledged their gun control agenda is total bullshit.

When your busybody proposals provoke a backlash from voting adults, clearly the remedy is to switch the effort to “protecting the children.” They already do this with Second Amendment rights, because if kids have access to guns, someone might get hurt!

Pro-gun people hijack Twitter hashtag campaign. I don’t spend much time on Twitter because it’s a vast wasteland for the most part, but for those of you willing to brave the fever swamps, good show!

I’d note that the turnout for the last Roanoke area Friends of the NRA Dinner I could find turned out 46x the number of people than this pathetic protest by paid activists.

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  1. Whom are you calling a pearl clutching old lady, sonny? My pearls and my AR-15 get along with this old lady just fine, thank you very much,

    1. Bitter likes her pearls too. The key operative is clutching them, as a metaphor for the kinds of people who get worked up about silly things.

  2. About the meme of “I’m a Second Amendment supporter, but. . .”; the poster named Randy over at The Gun Counter forum said, “The use of the word “but” usually indicates that everything preceding it in a sentence is a lie.
    ‘I believe in Freedom of Speech, but. . .’
    ‘I support the Second Amendment, but. . .'”

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