NRA Suing Three Pennsylvania Cities

The cities are Lancaster, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. One presumes that the timing of these suits is related to an ill-advised lawsuit launched by U.S. Shield Law. These are the three cities that have thumbed their noses at the new preemption law, and are actively working to have the law invalidated by the courts as unconstitutional. They attorney handling the case is Jonathan Goldstein, who is a good choice, and is experienced in arguing gun-related cases. In the mean time, Attorney Joshua Prince’s campaign against the many municipalities across Pennsylvania is bearing a lot of fruit. It’s practically daily a municipality agrees to rescind its law. Only Lancaster, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have, so far, been willing to put their taxpayer dollars on the line to thumb their noses at the rights of their citizens to have gun laws be uniform throughout the commonwealth.

4 Responses to “NRA Suing Three Pennsylvania Cities”

  1. Joe_in_Pitt says:

    According to their website, my tiny borough still has a firearms prohibition in borough parks. I wonder if it will get on anyone’s radar or if it’s worth bringing it to their attention.

  2. HSR47 says:

    Lower Merion may need to be added to the list of intransigent municipalities.

  3. Jay says:

    Sebastian, curious why you say that US Law Shield’s suit is ill-advised? Is it redundant? I only ask b/c US Law Shield is recruiting membership heavily here in the OKC area.

  4. Ken says:

    Can you go into more detail about why the US Shield suit against Harrisburg is ill-advised, compared to the NRA suit? From a casual reading, it seems like they are pretty similar cases in that they are both challenging local laws under the new preemption statute, so I’m wondering what’s different about the US Shield one.


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