Good News for PA Voters

This is just a reminder that if Tom Wolf wins, as expected, it is now legal to drink your sorrows away at the local bar. However, you may need to stay closer to sober in order to save your bucks to pay those higher taxes he’s promising everyone.

Regardless of the sorrows you may need to drown, the linked story is an interesting history on liquor sales in Pennsylvania on Election Day. They also note that South Carolina was the last state to legalize the sale of alcohol on Election Day while Alaska and Massachusetts still allow local towns to enact bans.

I think it’s also funny that they feel the need to remind people that you can’t trade liquor for votes. The story also notes that as recently as last year, there have been problems with this with an Arkansas lawmaker who traded vodka and chicken dinners for votes.

A Democratic congressional candidate out in Western Pennsylvania posted photos of herself and volunteers with candy that they were giving out to their voters today. I wonder if there’s a law on that?

3 thoughts on “Good News for PA Voters”

  1. They almost have it right. Alaska law says bars must be closed til the polls close on election days. So until 8pm or so.

    The “local option” exemption permits municipalities to allow bars to stay *open* their normal full business hours (8am-5am the following day per state law, though muni’s can and usually do require later opening/earlier closing hours).

  2. What’s funnier than trading votes for drinks, which are tangible, is trading them for bullshit ideologies and promises that will never materialize.

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