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Now that I am firmly back from our trip to Oklahoma, I’m sorry to report I still have the client to deal with. That is, however, starting to wind down. So I should have a little more time for blogging, though I’m hoping the news cycle gets more interesting.

No tears for corrupt tyrants: Co-founder of MAIG, Thomas M. Menino dies at 71. I won’t celebrate, but I can’t say I’m sad to see him depart this earth.

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

Why the Washington State school shooting incident seemed to fade so quickly. Remember that the I-594 vote is tomorrow as well, if you live in Washington State.

Tam laments the destruction of so many M14s. Personally, I think they’d even be safe handing them out with the auto sears still in place and working. I’ve fired an M14 on full auto. About the only thing you’d accomplish firing that rifle on full auto is emptying the magazine quickly.

Good news department: people are giving up on gun control.

More gun control advocates get busted for doing “research” only using Google.

Shooting .22 pellets out of a rifle with nail gun cartridges. Looks like it moves that pellet pretty fast.

A settlement has been approved in the Class Action suit against Philadelphia for disclosing License to Carry records.

Imagine where their movement would be if it wasn’t for rich assholes.

Also, Tom Corbett is probably going to be toast tomorrow. I actually place most of the blame for that on the Senate Republicans, who are wed to the establishment and special interests. The Sandusky scandal certainly is a large factor as well, but perhaps that could have been overcome if Corbett actually managed to accomplish something. He’s been good for gun owners. Wolf will not be. Republicans in this state need to do some hard reflecting, because the establishment here is killing the party.

10 thoughts on “Monday Mini News”

  1. I hope that we will all go vote for Corbett tomorrow, regardless of the gloomy polls. They have been wrong before!

  2. I’m surprised you never mentioned Corbet signing enhanced preemption.

  3. Uh, Sebastian – did you just wish for a ‘more interesting’ news cycle? Don’t you remember saying something similar back in late 2012?

  4. Yeah, Corbett is probably hosed. I’m hoping that we keep enough of the legislature to blunt Wolf’s gun-grabbing tendencies.

  5. I just got back from a trip to PA. One of my very liberal friends up there was not displeased to see Corbett go down, but he had a quote worth throwing out:

    “When Corbett got elected, at least I was happy that we could look forward to the end of the stupid state booze stores. YOU HAD ONE JOB, CORBETT!” And the GOP establishment F’d it up.

    If Corbett had delivered on something as small as ending the asinine monopoly on cushy patronage union jobs protecting Our Children from the Demon Rum, I bet it would have swung the vote at least five or ten points.

    Actually addressing the gaping long term holes in state or local budgets? That would likely have been a clear win.

    Instead PA will get, at best, complete gridlock under Wolf. There will be executive changes that hurt gun rights and the fiscal bleeding will continue for years. Moody’s already downrated PA’s credit; it isn’t going to get any better under Wolf, unless the Republicans cave and hike taxes substantially on the middle class. And we’ve already seen the games played by Kathleen Kane with gun stuff.

  6. In regards to firing the M14 in full auto. I was trained to use short burst. The barrel can’t handle a lot of dumping the whole mag. I found it to handle well with the bipod and shooting it in the prone position. I learned to shoot that way using the BAR. that was a real kick in the shoulder. Boy this sure dates me.

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