More Female-Oriented Political Advertising

Speaking of reaching out to more women, this is one of the first ads I’ve seen from NRA that really tries to hit at female voters.

It’s message is much closer to that of other female-centered general political advertising. It’s personal and has a specific story, which is a refreshing change from many of the ads running from the NRA commentators which are general “the world sucks and the sky is falling” kind of themes.

The fact is that advertising like this is much easier to identify with, even if someone has never been in that situation. A similar humanizing ad from Sen. Mitch McConnell is getting attention specifically because of how much it makes him seem like a real human instead of just some robot in Washington.

Just like a candidate isn’t likely to jump all over a sexual assault victim, they aren’t likely going to try and attack this woman who obviously believes that McConnell was key to her daughter’s return. These are ads that make lower information voters feel good and make them think, “Yeah, I can identify with that person if I was ever in that situation. If I can identify with them, then maybe I should consider the candidate they are backing.”

The only concern I have about NRA’s ad is that it may be assuming too much in that lower information voters have any idea who Bloomberg is backing. He’s a great guy to demonize because few people like wealthy billionaires who haven’t lived their lives telling them what to do, but that doesn’t mean they know which candidates he’s backing or exactly how he’s involved in their local races. It would be most effective if the ad was shared by local folks along with a message of which area candidates are anti-Bloomberg. Maybe that’s what we’ll see happen. With about an hour on Facebook, it’s already nearing 700 shares.

2 thoughts on “More Female-Oriented Political Advertising”

  1. The “Kim” ad is very powerful and tough to contend with.

    Despite the cookie-cutter nature of them, the “Bloomberg Mansion” ads are pretty damn good if you ask me and attempt to tie him to candidates:

    They have similar ones for the other Senate races, pretty much just swapping out the portrait/narration.

    The NRA is on the offensive once again, and I love it. I’m also very happy to see the quality take a step up as well. I won’t see any of these on TV myself but hopefully they get plenty of airtime in the states that matter this November.

  2. The soccer moms have become security moms. They do not want to end up having to wear a veil. Nor do they want to be beheaded.

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