Pennsylvania Pre-Emption Became a Gun Control Battle

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There were dueling amendments proposed in the Pennsylvania House this week, and yesterday afternoon, the votes came down.

Gun owners should definitely say a word of thanks to the state representatives who voted to support pre-emption reforms and thanks to those who voted against the Bloomberg-backed effort to add more restrictions (and expenses) to long gun sales. In fact, an election year is a great time to remind our lawmakers that we’re watching their votes. Even better, if they voted with us on the bills, track down their campaign and get a yard sign or volunteer to lend a hand. That’s a huge thank you that will be remembered.

NRA is asking folks to pester their senators about getting this bill moving in the Pennsylvania Senate.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Pre-Emption Became a Gun Control Battle”

  1. I’ll be sending my Democratic rep a word of thanks later this afternoon for supporting pre-emption and voting down the anti-gun amendment.

    He’s running unopposed this November, but if they drop a yard sign on my corner lot regardless I won’t complain. :)

  2. I notice that many of the Delaware county republicans (Hackett, Adolph, Killion) voted for gun control. I don’t even know why I bother voting anymore. No difference between the D’s and R’s in Delco,

  3. I would love to call my state senator, but I don’t have one currently.

    PA Senate District 40 – VACANT

  4. Pardon my ignorance, I did call my Rep., and have called my Sen. too. Where can I find out exactly how they voted?

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