Welcome to our Guest Blogger

Ian Argent has generously offered to do some guest blogging while I’m busy trying to recuse clients from untoward disaster. Ian has guest blogged on here before when Bitter and I were in Hawaii back in 2010. He also blogged, before he got really busy (having kids and all), at his own publication: The Lair.

I had planned a big announcement with fireworks, mariachi bands, and giant fighting lizards, but Ian hit the “Publish” button instead of the “Save” button on his first post by accident, before the announcement could be made. I’m sorry to say that was a violation of the lizards’ contract and they cancelled, so here is just this announcement instead.

Ian is currently a resident of the People’s Republic of New Jersey, and also a gun owner, so have pity on him. Like many people, he is trapped behind the Iron Curtain for now. As am I, at least for several hours each week until my current engagement completes (sometime in September, at least I think).

7 thoughts on “Welcome to our Guest Blogger”

  1. I’m not trying to nitpick, but do you really mean recuse or is it rescue? Recuse could work too, but it sounds slightly odd.

  2. Ian, Get across the Delaware, swim if ya got to, but for the love of God man get outta NJ before it’s too late!

    I got out in 1990, and don’t regret it one bit…..

  3. Hi Ian,

    Nice to see you writing again! We met once, sat together, at the Bucks County Friends dinner. You in NJ and now me in California! Interesting times.


      1. 4 colleges I have to pay for. 4. My career choice was bad in hind site.
        But I got no work back east. Believe me when I tell you I look everyday.

  4. Welcome! I have a lot of family in central and south NJ, some of which are gun owners themselves. Maybe I’m different than most, but instead of feeling sorry or even slight revulsion for gun owners/activists in states like CA, NY, NJ, etc., I actually admire them. I can imagine the frustration they must have to endure in trying to strengthen their civil rights in such places.

    For many, it’s not as simple as picking up and moving to a “free state”. Everyone’s situation is different. I was lucky enough to come out of the military single, with no kids and no debt, and with skills that helped me secure a job in a couple gun-friendly states. Not everyone has that path laid out for them.

    Also, you can’t help but feel a sense of belonging in your home state and desire to make it better. I have fond memories of growing up in the Hudson Valley region of NY and shooting my dad’s AR at a gun range in Westchester County of all places. My grandfather would shoot groundhogs with a 10/22 in beautiful Dutchess County within sight of the Catskills. NY may not be the state it once was but I can only hope it can get back to that point again.

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