Those Heartless NRA Members

We all know that the NRA leadership are really demons placed on this earth to make humanity hurt as much as possible – at least that would be our “knowledge” if we listened exclusively to the mainstream media.

So, with that perception from those in the media, the WaPo seemed a bit shocked that Wayne LaPierre has agreed to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donate money to further research for the disease. He’s on a trip right now, so as soon as he returns, he’s going to do it.

I just have to say that I really hope the NRA staff gets very, very creative with this and actually shows NRA staff having fun and wiling to make the world a better place.*

*Not that I really think that dumping ice water on your head makes the world a better place. Given the energy it takes to make as much ice that has been wasted, some environmentalist is probably crying in the corner every time a new video is posted. However, the fact remains that many people are on board with feel-good showing off that “care” instead of actually contributing directly to causes they really care about.

11 thoughts on “Those Heartless NRA Members”

  1. Heh, you called it: I have friends in California all up in arms over this challenge because it’s wasting water when they’re in a drought.

    1. Funny, I have a guy I know from high school in California who has wasted water doing this a couple of times and trying to “tag” professional athletes and celebrities.

    2. Yup.

      I’ve pointed out to a few of mine that if a million Californians did that with a gallon a piece, they’d use, together, as much water as Palm Springs does every 40 minutes

  2. NRA better consider this carefully before acting. Some people on the right are saying the ALS challenge is killing babies, as it funds research reportedly using stem cells from artificially fertilized human eggs.

    1. It’s the National Rifle Association, not the National Republican Association.

    2. Currently there is only one study using embryonic stem cells, and it is using a cell line that was established many years ago. If a donor does not want their dollars used to fund studies using embryonic stem cells my understanding is there is a place to specify that on the donation form.

    3. I fail to see what stem cells have to do with guns. NRA is a single-issue organization…

      1. It’s not a hard connection to make between the concern and the other issues involved in the research. Wayne, the “face” (for better or worse) of the NRA, is going to publicly donate to and participate in a program for ALS research. According to the commenter, that program has taken some fire in circles he has seen criticism from those who are against stem cell research. He is raising the concern that people confuse Wayne’s personal participation with the NRA taking a stand on the issue, and it’s a stand that would turn off some supporters.

        Now, I don’t think it’s a big deal because they can highlight that member dollars are not going to the cause, just personal donations. As another commenter points out, there is apparently a box to check if you don’t want your donation going to the stem cell research, another point they could make if they took real heat over it from the more conservative members of the base.

        I tend to doubt it will come up as a notable issue, but it’s a fair point presented initially if there has already been some level of controversy surrounding it.

    4. I knew it ….ITS A TRAP………..DONT DO IT WAYNE……..DONT DO IT……..

  3. Congratulations to Wayne L. and everyone that donated.

    But … Wasn’t it a bucket of cold Gatorade that killed football coach George Allen?

  4. OMG…

    We need a TOP SHOT style Jerry Miculek shoot a series of different items to trigger a Rube Goldberg contraption to drop a bucket of ice water on Wayne’s head.

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