California Democrats Like Leeland Yee


Charles C. W. Cooke and others note that being indicted for multiple felonies that include accusations of arming mafia members and arms smuggling doesn’t turn off about 10% of California’s Democratic voter base, at least based on the results of yesterday’s election. Nearly 290,000 primary voters thought these accusations made Leeland Yee a great candidate for Secretary of State worthy of their support.

Perhaps what’s more interesting is that Yee was only polling at 8% before he was arrested, so he actually performed better with California Democrats after the charges came to light. In fact, the same polling firm found that even after he was arrested and the charges against him were disclosed, 15% of voters maintained a favorable view of Yee.

10 thoughts on “California Democrats Like Leeland Yee”

  1. If a prosecutor can get an indictment against a ham sandwich I guess we shouldn’t be surprised if an anti gun legislator with felony charges for gun smuggling can get 10% of the Democrat votes.

    I think one of our countries biggest mistakes was letting virtually everyone vote. There should be a much higher bar than is 18 years old, walks upright, and might be a legal resident.

    1. I agree, but that’s obviously a pipe dream. Many would prefer Australia-style elections where voting is compulsory for everyone.

  2. If one thinks all politicians are crooks, there is an argument to be made that a vote for Lee is a vote for a professional.

  3. Interesting that there are at least 290000 simple minded democrats hiding out in Kalifornia who have no idea what’s going on!

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