UC Santa Barbara Shooter Sought out Gun Free Zone

Newspaper Extra Headline

Bob Owens notes that it was in the shooter’s 141 page manifesto that he was fearful of being stopped by someone with a gun. Our opponents have repeatedly told us that these people don’t really care where they commit their acts, and don’t really do that level of planning. These people might be deranged, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of a high degree of planning. As Bob notes, this and many other mass killers may be insane, but they are not crazy. They are capable of keeping themselves together enough to plan, to buy firearms, and in many cases fool therapists and law enforcement as to the extent of their derangement. And yet, the media brings us back to the gun laws. Always the gun laws:

The Second Amendment — regardless of your modern-day interpretation of it — doesn’t touch on one of gun control’s biggest problems: how to keep firearms out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them because of health concerns.

This passage from Monday’s Los Angeles Times is particularly wise. “The mental health system is imperfect, by design — a teeter-totter that weighs patients’ civil liberties against public safety. Rodger existed in the middle, on the fulcrum, simmering and disturbed, just beyond arm’s reach.”

No… he did not exist in the middle of the fulcrum, because at the very very beginning of the fulcrum, California law prohibits those people from buying or possessing firearms. He would have been forced to seek a firearm on the black market, being unable to buy one legally, and the cops just taken him for observation. It’s amazing how many journalists, who know nothing about the subject on which they are speaking, are busy peddling solutions. Before you can peddle solutions, you need to have a basic understanding of current laws.