When Crafting Meets Concealed Carry

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Did you know that there are more than 1,300 products that show up when you search Etsy for the term “gun holster”?

I guess I should be thrilled at so many entrepreneurs entering the carry market, but I have to admit that some leave me wondering if they understand the word “concealed” or “carry” in their product description.

For example, I checked out this all lace holster wondering just how the hell there could be any retention (it’s only based on how tightly you wrap it around your body) and then noticed the video on the website where the guns were printing horribly. Not to mention, while it’s shown in a way that implies it’s safe to carry your keys alongside the gun, that’s just assuming that you don’t remove the lining of the single pocket and leave the trigger guarded by a thin piece of lace. That seems like quite the negligent discharge waiting to happen. That is certainly not the only flimsy piece of lace billing itself as a method to carry a gun available on Etsy.

Then there’s one product known as the “Rocker Gun Holster” that seems to forget that carry means carrying an actual gun. Well, until I realized the shop owner is from Europe and thought that would make a witty name for a wearable purse. Anyone want to bet that the owner has received inquiries on what size gun the “holster” fits? That would probably be a pretty funny conversation to see.

Another one that stuck out to me was a piece of vinyl-wrapped foam that’s supposed to turn every purse into a carry purse. At least it covers the trigger, but I’ll be honest and say that it doesn’t exactly look like a product that’s great for the draw.

Regardless, you have to wonder what Etsy crafters think about selling alongside the holster entrepreneurs trying to pitch their products to the masses of new gun owners.

6 thoughts on “When Crafting Meets Concealed Carry”

  1. My wife bought a lace garter and belt from “Shooting Tulips” – young designer who carries guns – on Etsy. It works quite well. Keep in mind these are not meant for kicking in doors in the ‘kush. These are meant for carrying on a hot summer’s night at the beach with that little black dress.

    So far it works with her P238, Bertta Nano, Luger LCP and G19. That means she leaves the FNX-45 at home when wearing “the tiny dresses”.

    She also got the belly band and corset holder from CanCanConcealment.com. Same deal – they work for the purpose at hand. The corset holder lets her carry a bigger gun, but she will print with a tight top.

    Every woman is different, so your millage may vary. My wife is 4’ 10″ and 100 pounds. The upside is that if she can carry a G19 in a lace garter, then a normal-sized woman could probably carry a 20mm anit-aircraft gun.

    The garter/belt she got was: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/196905702 – She got hers in white.

    The owner of CanCan was awesome and was the NRA Annual Meeting. Check her out, too (link above).

    Short story: women have more options than men when it comes to carry. Sorry, but no excuses anymore.

    Edit: yes, she trains with these at the range.

  2. I think the “rocker gun holster” is meant to be a play on how it so-vaguely resembles – in the most rough way – a shoulder holster rig.

    I think?

    1. Yes, it is. However, since it’s made by a European, I was noting that they have it listed as “gun holster,” and I’m sure they never imagined that there really is a big market for different types of gun holsters to carry real guns.

      1. Ah, indeed – it wasn’t obvious from the Etsy page that it was listed as a holster…

  3. So there’s hope for my dream to make money selling that Garand M1 Concealed Carry Holster I’ve always wanted to make! :.)

    (Granted, not much money, but money nonetheless…)

  4. Yea ….because you can hurt yourself sticking an M1 down your pants……….
    just saying…………

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