How Did Our Supported Board Members Do?

During the NRA Board of Directors election, we posted some recommendations, and those had mixed results. As mentioned during the Member Meeting live blog, Tom Selleck, unsurprisingly was the top of winner list with 108,837 votes. He had more than 14,000 more votes than the next highest vote getter, Peter J. Printz.

Those who we suggested who made it include: William H Dailey, Dan Boren, Patricia A Clark, Linda L Walker, Todd J Rathner, and Allan D Cors. Unfortunately, Joel Friedman and Antonio Hernandez didn’t make it. However, I’ve seen support for Joel for 76th Director, so he may still be on the board.

4 thoughts on “How Did Our Supported Board Members Do?”

  1. I voted long before I read the recommendations. That being said, I asked around quite a lot in California where I spend 170-178 days a year, and Joel is very highly rated here in California.
    That being said, it is my hypothesis that many NRA members NOT FROM California vote against him(by not voting for him) because of the laws in the State of California. (It is a huge State)

    I know my first voting year I was against voting for Board Members in non friendly gun states, so my hypothesis is a sample of one. But in talking to others, who say things like, we need to annex California, or New Jersey, hurts the strategic thinking of a total win.

    I hope Joel get’s in, we need a California representative.

    1. I’m in California, and I don’t understand why so many people believe that Californian gun owners think and feel the same things as anti-gun California legislators.

  2. I never received my first ballot. I called and asked for a replacement in late Feb/early March. It arrived on April 7th, the day AFTER voting closed.

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