Interesting Draw Techniques

Our only question: Just how was the woman planning to draw the gun from her…unique…storage…compartment?

Perhaps more interesting, the gun was stolen from a man last year and the police notified him that they had recovered the gun during an arrest. They apparently never told him the story of where the gun was found.

According to The Smoking Gun, in addition to her arrest for driving on a suspended license, she’s been charged with gun possession and introducing contraband into a penile penal facility.

7 Responses to “Interesting Draw Techniques”

  1. I hope it was made out of stainless steel.

  2. I said, “crap, this is an old story!” But no. I was thinking of this one.

    I guess if you’re a career criminal there’s no clear dividing line between auto burglaries and snatch and grab heists.

    And yeah, John, all NAA mini revolvers are stainless.

    I guess I’m officially jaded now. Until one shows up with a Smith 629.

  3. KevinC says:

    There’s a “snatching the trigger” joke to be made here, but I’m not the guy to do it…

  4. Al says:

    And they say you can’t get sufficient penetration with a .22 …

  5. Dave says:

    I had worked in a detention facility, here in PA. It was shocking what would be found during intakes. One of the female intake officers found $40 rolled up and hidden in a girls lady parts.

  6. Crotalus says:

    Heh! Lock her in a chastity belt if she has a propensity to hide things there.

  7. Maxwell says:

    Is this still considered ‘compensation for a small penis’?