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It’s Monday, and once again it’s time to free the tabs. I’m in the middle of working on a new blogging system with Bitter, so we can more easily share interesting stories, so she can share more of the editorial burden. There’s always a handful of stories I keep in the tabs that might illustrate some concept, or that merit more than just a link, and many that are just link worthy, because I don’t have much else to add. So on with not adding much:

Can we design around the SAFE act? Of course we can, but the result is the world’s ugliest rifle. Unfortunately for the antis, they are just as capable as what they banned. Dave Hardy also looks at the development of the pistol grip. Uncle: “They’re complying with the stupid law to show how stupid it is.

While thousands of New Yorkers rallied outside against gun control, dozens of anti-gunners were inside calling for yet even more gun control in New York. But there’s no slippery slope or anything. That’s paranoid right-wing delusion.

Looks like someone let an NRA candidate questionnaire leak in Oregon.

If you can believe it, the California Democrats say the solution to Leland Yee running guns is to pass more bans. It’s hard to believe they can be this literally stupid. But if course that has to be the answer, because if people like Yee can still get illegal firearms, that calls into question the whole regime doesn’t it? Instapundit has more.

New study on concealed carry shows it deters murder. Meanwhile, in Chicago, crime continues to plummet, and we’ve had the first concealed carry holder defend himself. As Professor Reynolds is fond of saying: the science is settled!

The Tavor is selling well. It’s on my want list and I don’t really dig bullpups all that much.

The only brave thing you did was leaving the house with that sweater.

Scott Brown has a gun problem. Yeah, abandoning us sure helped him win re-election in Massachusetts, didn’t it? Sure as hell isn’t helping him now.

Lots of civil disobedience going on in New York too.

Civil Rights Victory in Kansas! This should probably dispel the myth that NRA doesn’t support open carry.

Mexicans exercising their fundamental human rights to self-defense and the tools to affect it.

Shannon Watts stigmatizes veterans with PTSD.

Proliferation of automatic weapons in Australia. Most of them home made. But they told me the idea that under very strict gun control, people would only make their own illegal guns, was right wing lunacy?

To be clear to fools and useful idiots like Bill Maher, it’s freedom I’m in love with, not the guns. If you believe in keeping something from me because it’s dangerous, you don’t really believe in freedom. You believe, in fact, that I’m an infant.

John Lott: Bloomberg’s fabricated numbers.

Josh Prince: “Does a PA Bar Applicant Have to Disclose that He/She Filed For or Obtained a License to Carry Firearms?

As I noted last week, you can tell we’re getting back on track with moving forward because there’s more hysterical articles appearing in the media talking about blood in the streets if we get our way.

Attorney Jonathan Goldstein and Shira Goodman, Director of CeaseFire PA, go head-to-head in a Lancaster City forum.

Off topic:

The Overprotected Kid. This is rather long, but worth reading. The play they are establishing in Wales is much like the play I grew up with, only way cooler. Much better than play dates and soccer practice.

Apple and Google’s wage-fixing scheme. I’m a long way off from suggesting tech workers need a union, but it would be nice to compete on a level playing field.

The rise and fall of professional bowling. Both my grandmother and mother were avid bowlers, and I used to watch professional bowling with my grandmother on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. I used to be an avid bowler myself, but a combination of time and a lack of places to bowl cheaply put a damper on it.

Skynet inching closer to reality.

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  1. Earl Bowl in Quakertown and Earlington has a special of 3 games and shoe rental for $11.

  2. I actually believe tech workers could benefit from a union. There are numerous wage fixing scams, H1B visa issues, etc.

    The fact many tech workers are employed as contractors, or find themselves an abused 60+ hour salary worker.

    1. Well, that kind of wage fixing scam is illegal. We just have to enforce the law. H1B issues are a case where we need protection from government. Other than that, if you’re a tech worker, your skills are portable. If you don’t like your current working conditions, there’s not really any reason you can’t find better.

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