Surge in Shooting in the UK

Today we had some good news with Canada. It looks like we also have some good news in the UK too:

There has been a surge in new shotgun and firearm certificates issued by the police, according to an analysis of latest figures from the Home Office by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). The figures, which relate to 2008/2009, show the highest year-on-year rises in certificates on issue for both shotguns and firearms since records began in 1968.

That’s where it has to start. You have to make a political constituency for taking back your rights. That’s hard when you’ve fallen as far as the UK has, but it’s not impossible.

One thought on “Surge in Shooting in the UK”

  1. Since 1968? What else happened in 1968 concerning guns? Oh wait, the GCA on this side of the pond.

    Baby boomers can go screw themselves.

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