Opposition to Range Improvements

I can’t help but laugh at this story that promotes all sorts of negative political stereotypes, and all because neither the writer nor the interviewees appears to have done any homework on the issue.

So a Colorado shooting range is having problems maintaining & improving their facilities on membership dues. Becoming a 100% NRA club will make them more likely to qualify for grants from NRA that can pay for some of these improvements. Not to mention, NRA sanctions many shooting competitions, they provide firearm safety training programs, club insurance, and they are a pretty helpful resource for information for gun ranges looking to expand or improve. All of this falls into the category of General Operations and/or the NRA Foundation. None of it is the territory of NRA-ILA, a separate political entity with its own funding and another separate political action committee in NRA PVF.

Yet, Democratic members are complaining to the media that with a new requirement to join NRA as part of your membership to the shooting range that they are being forced to join “a fringe right-wing political organization” without actually making any effort to learn about the apolitical side of the organization that the club is turning to for help. But the advocates of the membership requirement aren’t exactly working to educate people when they are touting that they agree with NRA on politics, so it’s all okay.

A little education on both sides would go a very long way in minimizing hard feelings on the decision…

13 thoughts on “Opposition to Range Improvements”

  1. C’mon … really!? This is Durango. There are probably 10 Democrats in the whole town, and they’ll probably vote Republican this year because they’re ticked off about the Democratic party gun grab.

    (OK, maybe I’m overstating that a bit, but probably not by all that much!)

    1. Well, they did argue that the local lawmaker wasn’t recalled, so there are certainly plenty of local gun owners willing to give in to Bloomberg’s demands for gun control.

      1. Yeah. There is a large Hispanic community (a good % of which are pro-gun) there and a small college so there is a liberal base … but I wouldn’t read anything in that the local lawmaker wasn’t recalled. Recalls are hard, it’s a an amazing victory that we succeeded getting any recalled, not a defeat that we didn’t get them all recalled.

        I think this is some diehard Dem’s trying to gin up some anti-NRA/anti-Republican controversy. I’m not really crazy about being forced to join ANY organization, though, so I do understand the annoyance. And even more so if it is on city land.

  2. Things such as this make the current efforts to rebrand gun control as “gun safety” especially Orwellian. The NRA has been the leading organization for true gun safety for decades, providing instruction in safe gun handling to millions.

  3. Don’t they realize that by merely owning the guns they are already counted as members of “a fringe right-wing political organization” called “gun owner”?

  4. Gee, and how do these same Democrats feel about the mandatory requirement to join a union if you want to work in certain places?

  5. Not quite. ILA is a project under the NRA umbrella, and legally is no different than a DBA.

  6. Perhaps they should ask a Democrat organization for funds.

    Get ready to put on that hearing protection… the sound of crickets will be deafening.

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