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Sadly, I managed to lose a number of tabs in Safari, so that means a smaller news dump today than usual:

Are people really this stupid? Sadly, yes.

When they come. When you boil away all the feel good nonsense, Bob’s nightmare scenario is what gun control means in the end. They don’t enforce these laws with time outs and hugs at the end. If you’re going to make something a serious felony, it had better be worth subjecting people to this, because that’s what it means.

Predictions of doom from Idaho on allowing campus carry. None of these predictions have panned out anywhere else. By now they should have zero credibility.

Massad Ayoob: Why gun people need to travel carefully.

Brady’s fuzzy math on NICS denials. They act like every single one of those people denied would have robbed a bank or something if they had gotten a gun. A large percentage of them are actually false positives.

ATF: They set a higher standard for us than they live up to themselves.

At what age can someone set up an NFA trust?

Our opponents at least do failure well.

All Nine Yards is looking to target some Florida MAIG mayors.

Ruger is expanding in North Carolina. We won the Civil War because the North had all the arms manufacturing. My guess if America wants to excise the blue state appendix in the future, it will have little trouble.

NRA is scoring the surgeon general vote. I’m kind of surprised they’d pick a fight over this. Does anyone care what the surgeon general has to say these days?

West Virginia enhancing preemption.

They get an A for boldness, but I doubt Giffords and Kelly will find much success in this strategy.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday News Links”

  1. Why are they scoring the Surgeon General vote? Makes no sense. Sure he is an anti-gunner, but he’s got zero power to do anything.

  2. Because

    A) It forces a tough vote on Democrats. Ds need 50 votes to confirm him. They have 55 votes in the Senate. Which two of the following six at risk Democrats is going to be the 50th vote that allows him to be confirmed:

    1) Mark Begich, D-AK
    2) Mark Pryor, D-AR
    3) Mark Udall, D-CO
    4) Mary Landrieu, D-LA
    5) Kay Hagen, D-NC
    6) John Walsh, D-MT He was just appointed to replace Max Baucus and to give him some name recognition and incumbancy benefits in the Senate race this fall. Being seen as anti gun on your firsat major vote before your up for election isn’t the way to win elections in Montana.

    Obama will also have a tough time getting a vote for confirmation from these Democrats
    a) Mark Warner, D-VA
    b) Joe Manchin, D-WV (Manchin isn’t up, but he’s desperate to try to rebuild his pro gun reputation and the Democrats are fighting to keep Jay Rockefeller’s seat. Another attack against him won’t help them win that race)

    B) The office itself is pretty weak. But it controls a fair bit of spending, and issues all manner of reports on public health crisis, and the Surgeon General’s engagement and declaration of a Public Health crisis has in the past been a precursor to very successful campaigns to change laws and/or behavior.

    C) There is likely to be very little else for the NRA to score this year. If they want to issue grades, especially for John Walsh in Montana, this is as good a vote as any.

    D) Because they can.

  3. From the “When they Come” link (I won’t comment there, cause they use f*king facebook)

    “The federal government was able to get away with the casualties they inflicted upon these people in these locations because these people were “different.”

    That isn’t the dynamic in play in Connecticut.”

    But, they WILL use that dynamic. They WILL find someone in their list that IS “different”. Out of all of the people that refuse, there will be SOMEONE that they can use. Someone that belongs to a milita, visits the “wrong” webapages, etc. They won’t choose randomly.

  4. Bobs nightmare scenario is what gun haters crave and desire with every fiber of there being. 90 million times over. They hate us that much. I bet if Shannon Watts read that she take to it like a erotic short story.

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