Guns in European Schools

The next time you hear an anti-gun advocate promoting gun laws around Europe, let them know that Italy has an official program that allows gun owners to promote the shooting sports to school children.

Perazzi posted photos of a lecture from a program organized by the Italian Olympic Committee.

Perazzi shooter Maria Sole Santasilia and Sergio Carella, FITAV representative for sports in schools, have lectured a delighted audience of young students about shooting sports at the Municipal Teatre at Sant’Oreste, today.

The photo set not only shows her lecturing to the room full of students, but she also had her shotgun there and allowed students to pose with it, too. Yes, the children were allowed to handle her shotgun. It also appears that some of the girls lined up to get an autograph from the female world champion shooter.

2 thoughts on “Guns in European Schools”

  1. The anti’s forget that back in the day I used to take my shotgun and ammo to high school when we had shooting meets across the street at the old airport for gun club. I don’t recall anybody getting shot in the hallowed halls either.

  2. The high school I attended in ENGLAND in the 1990s had small bore rifle shooting on the premises. As far as I am aware they still do. This was a government school (I always hesitate to say ‘public school’ because that means something very different in the UK, but by American terms that’s what it was).

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