13 thoughts on “More Magazine Circulation News”

    1. You know the best thing about it? These numbers reflect the end of the year numbers from last year. Their subscriptions will still be current for the 2014 elections. :)

  1. Nobody buys magazines anymore – but you get an NRA magazine with a membership, want it or not.

    Same reason the AARP “magazine” is in there…

    1. They push you to try and take a digital copy so they don’t have to send one out every month. Don’t know if they include digital copies or not.

    2. There is also more than one magazine you can get with your NRA membership, and I believe you can opt out of getting any magazine as well.

  2. The other day I couldn’t help but notice that Hickock45 has almost 970,000 Youtube subscribers compared to Demanding Moms’ 469.

    And Colion Noir has over 8 times as many twitter followers as Shannon Watts (not to mention the NRA having 50 times as many). Very amusing to me.

  3. I do have one question, though: if a given magazine has more than seven rounds in it (even if they are just pictured), would it violate the New York SAFE Act, and similar laws in Colorado and Connecticut?

    If so, then perhaps such magazines are being bought to specifically defy the law. :.)

    1. I wonder what happens if one person in the household subscribes to First Freedom and another to Am Rifleman. Can they trade magazines or is that an illegal transfer? :-\

    2. And if you subscribe to the digital copy and then print it out, have you illegally manufactured a prohibited mag?

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