Enough Tabs for News Links? Why Yes, There Are

Things have been busy. I’m normally in the office only two days a week, but because I have a data center construction project going on this week, I’m in every day. That means 2.5 hours a day goes “poof” in the commute to and fro. Today the electrician made a mistake that had me going back and analyzing my plans to see if I could live with it. Unfortunately for him the answer was no, and I had to ask him to change it. I have to be present enough to catch those kinds of things. Bitter is also still getting over her flu. So we’ll see if I have enough build up in the tabs to make a decent news link post:

Concealed carry permit holder stops shooting rampage. They never make the news because the body counts never rack up high enough to attract attention from the media.

Follow Jeff’s advice, not Joe’s.

Testing Markley’s Law.

Federal court says “strict scrutiny” for the Second Amendment in that Corps of Engineers case. I hadn’t noticed this, because to be honest, I didn’t have time to read the full opinion. But this is a welcome development.

Miguel has been digging through the MAIG e-mails in detail. He’s up to Part 4. You can find Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 too.

Also, Miguel notes that Toby Keith’s new restaurant is jumping on board the Demanding Moms bandwagon. They’ve made it blatantly clear they don’t want people like us there.

Metcalfe’s apologists at work. One of the better commentaries on this particular foot-in-mouth incident I’ve read.

Tennessee goes for super duper preemption. A lot of states need this, because if you don’t spell it out clear as day the crooked politicians and crooked judges will do what they can to blow holes in it.

Gun Control, Mass Shootings, and Political Ignorance. One thing that’s always fascinated me about polling is how transient public opinion is on some issues. I kind of wish people that ignorant would do us all a favor and stop voting.

Fast and Furious was a secret program to arm the Sinaloa Cartel. I heard others speculate this before, but this is more evidence.

If you’re looking for good coverage of the 2014 Shot Show, I’d recommend following The Firearm Blog.

Kansas towns find it too costly to maintain their gun free zones, because the State of Kansas decided to follow an idea I had years ago on this matter. I called it the “Three S” test.

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  1. For it to be super-duper preemption, it needs real penalties for violators, like Florida.

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