Multiple Gun Control PACs, Same Backer

I guess the gun control groups have decided that the best strategy they have now is to create multiple groups to create the appearance of increased support for gun control. When I saw this headline from this morning, I was confused:

Gabrielle Giffords sets up gun control PAC

Giffords already set up a gun control PAC. The newest gun control PAC headed by the same couple as the other gun control PAC is using a new name – the Rights and Responsibilities PAC.

9 thoughts on “Multiple Gun Control PACs, Same Backer”

  1. That’s how the Joyce Foundation has always worked.

    So Joan Peterson of “Protect Minnesota” can cite “studies” by the VPC, and give support for CSGV, and not have it look like a big circle jerk of one centralized team.

    By chance did you see the photos she took of the Brady Annual Meeting? It couldn’t have been more than 40 people, and many of the faces were CSGV and Mom’s Demand Action.

    Not sure if there is a connection, or if its just like the 2nd Amendment Foundation table at the NRA show…

  2. Americans for Responsible Solutions is a SuperPAC – i.e. an independent expenditure fund. They can take unlimited donations from anyone, including corporations – but they can only spend independently. They cannot donate to politicians or other committees directly.

    Gabby’s new PAC is a federal unconnected political action committee. With this one, she can raise money and donate directly to candidates. She also previously had a leadership PAC (the GabbyPAC) – that’s where she’s transferring money from.

    She also has a 501c4 – also named Americans for Responsible Solutions – which holds a management contract from her SuperPAC — I imagine she will be doing something similar with this new PAC.

  3. Actually, looking a bit deeper, all they did was rename GabbyPAC to the new name. Last quarter they only reported $15k cash on-hand.


  4. How does this compare to, on the other end of the political spectrum, the people who set up a variety of organizations fronting different decoy issues, but all part of the same political network?

  5. Basically, from what I can see is this.

    1 Superpac, can collect unlimited donations, but cannot directly donate to a candidate.

    1 Minipac, can donate to candidates. So you use the Superpac to help fund the minipac. I am not sure what the max donation allowed is for such a pac. But I wager this facilitates more donations going out to beloved folk like our Toomey.

    (One of two first recipients, Manchin being the other.)

  6. “Rights and Responsibilities”?

    I look forward to their efforts on behalf of “rights” — I seem to have missed those so far.

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