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Tabs are filling up toward the end of the week, so time for some news:

NY District Attorney indicts a homeless man because the NYPD can’t shoot straight. When you look at the stats, they really can’t hit anything at all. This is what happens when you destroy your civilian gun culture. You also destroy the ability of your police officers to shoot.

Joe reminds us that they once only cared about handguns. That was true until they realized they weren’t making any progress on that front. A lot of these groups changed their names not because they were trying to hide their agenda, but because they realized there was more traction to be had trying to ban scary looking rifles.

Commonwealth Court has cancelled oral arguments in the Erie case regarding preemption in Pennsylvania. They will decide the case as briefed. Josh Prince says there’s not too much that should be read into it.

An open letter to anti-gun politicians, activists, and citizens. I think we can get all those things without having to give anything up if we play our cards right, and are willing to be patient.

NSSF’s lawsuit against their new gun laws has been dismissed based on standing. Seems they violated procedure to pass the law, but NSSF doesn’t have standing to bring suit. Who does? Does anyone?

Women are the holy grail of the gun rights movement. Women are more likely to get involved in the political fight than men, and more women vote than men.

A random thought on arbitrary enforcement. Everyone commits, on average, at least three federal felonies a day. I think we’re already at the point where we’re all living free only by the good graces of the people who run things. That has to change, but people have to become aware first.

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  1. The article about women and the gun rights movement is interesting. A few years ago I attended an event involving Second Amendment Sisters. Does anyone know what happened to that organization or if they are even still active? They aren’t mentioned in this article and I haven’t heard much about them at all. Their website is kind of useless.

  2. The latest news about the Newton massacre has actual news.

    Anyone remember the anti-NRA snark regarding Newton, from Eric Boehlert of media-matters?

    Well, lo and behold! It turns out the NRA and other pro-gun critics were mostly correct after all.

    The Newton police took 10 minutes after the first 911 calls before they finally tried to confront Adam Lanza. True enough they arrived at the school 4 minutes after the 911 call. But they took another 6 minutes before finally entering the building!

  3. Last month, I took and NYPD buddy to an IDPA match. To everyone’s amazement, he didn’t shoot any non threats.

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