A War Against Self-Defense by the Left?

I’m not sure that this is really any kind of lefty conspiracy, so much as a lesson that grieving loved ones really should not form the basis of a public policy discussion. The topic of the article is the recent spate of stories involving self-defense shootings, where the families demand the person defending themselves be prosecuted for doing so.

This is a predictable outcome of the Zimmerman case. Grieving families will seldom want to accept that their loved one might have been engaging in predatory criminal activity which has a high likelihood of placing one on the receiving end of a justifiable homicide. The Zimmerman case playbook offers an easy means to avoid having to deal with the truth of the situation. What’s concerning is that the media chooses to cover it in a sympathetic light, which will only lead to more of it.

7 Responses to “A War Against Self-Defense by the Left?”

  1. Harry Schell says:

    Self-defense is a problem for the left, just as armed blacks were a problem for the Klan.

  2. It isn’t really a conspiracy if they openly talk about it, is it?

    I would say most modern progressives are pretty hostile to the idea of individual or collective armed self defense, unless performed by a uniformed state agent.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      They’re not much in favor of it in that case, either. Their dream is of a boot pressing a face into the dirt, forever — and their foot is in the boot.

  3. Merle says:

    Isn’t this how it started in England? God forbid you should try to protect yourself!


  4. Patrick H says:

    a lesson that grieving loved ones really should not form the basis of a public policy discussion

    Bingo. We can understand their pain, and be sorry for them, but they should not impact policy decisions. But too often in this country that how we make them- not based on facts or logic, but on emotions of loss.

  5. Jay F says:

    Long before Zimmerman, Massad Ayoob was warning that no matter how justified your DGU, the perp’s mom will sue you and/or demand your prosecution.

  6. This looks like a great article…. now it’s one of my way-too-many tabs. Thanks Seb!