2 thoughts on ““Grow the hell up.””

  1. Very good! I have seen this guy in you tube & he always has something worthwhile to say.


  2. Oh I so enjoyed that video, Mrs. Bitter, thank you!!!! I will disseminate that around these parts!

    I loved his point that no legislation should be motivated simply by feelings. I think at least some of the harmful provisions of the Patriot Act can be attributed to our feelings about the 9/11 attacks. Very similar to the impulses behind gun control!

    Last week I commented on a friend’s Facebook question about the NYC biker attack on the Lein family. I said if only he’d had a gun, maybe the bad guys would have backed off before anyone got hurt. I was ripped a new alimentary canal by all of my friend’s anti-gun FB-friends! They claimed the bikers would have all pulled out their guns and blown away the entire Lein family. I tried to be gracious and factual in response and they settled down enough to reveal their true motives: they wanted to FEEL safer! One plainly stated that she FELT that there should be a better, safer way to deal with violence than using guns. I quoted a Paul Joseph Watson article that used federal government statistics to prove “more guns = less crime,” that was posted on Alex Jones’ Infowars website. One lady then viciously attacked me for “quoting Alex Jones,” because “all he does is love guns, guns and more guns!” I gently responded that I wasn’t quoting Mr. Jones, but was simply referring her to Watson’s article that quoted government sources that just happened to be on Jones’ website. She then wrote, “I hate guns! These crazies should not be allowed to have huge arsenals with thousands of rounds of ammo!” I declined to tell her that she was essentially describing me! (Except for the “crazy” part, of course!)

    My point is, this video is right on – opposition to our right to bear arms is totally emotional and factually baseless. I don’t think I convinced any of them because I could not get the scary image of some next door neighbor going all Rambo on them.

    Perhaps getting them out to a shooting range might be one way of dissipating their fears. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have that option in their updated app yet!! ;-)

    Thanks again for the video, Ma’am!

    Gratefully, Arnie

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