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Well, we’ve had some fun with Joan Peterson, and it’s time to move on. A lot of people don’t know why I bother, but I’m really not trying to change her mind. Sometimes it’s just entertaining to shake the ant farm. I hope everyone has a happy Labor Day weekend. I will be smoking some beef and doing genealogical research. I had joked with John Richardson, whose ancestor was also at Antietam, fighting for the Confederacy, that his great grandparents were shooting at my great grandparents. Actually, based on some maps of the battle, and of their respective units, that very well may have been the case!

Given that my 3x great grandfather was wounded severely, but not killed, I think I have to be thankful that legendary southern marksmanship didn’t quite manage to find its mark in his case. We also discovered that my 4x great grandfather, who was a well known bottler in Philadelphia, was raising money for the recruitment effort for the war. So we know that his son likely didn’t join up to avoid being drafted — they were believers in the cause. But anyway, I’ve rambled on enough. Now for the news:

Prince Law offices has been doing quite a lot of posting on the new proposed regulations:

Pretty much everything you wanted to know.

SayUncle notes that NFATCA petitioned ATF for rule changes, ATF came up with a bunch of different rules, and then cited NFATCA. NFATCA wanted to get rid of the LEO sign-off requirement. They have a response here. Though, I have to say, if their petition for rule-making raised concerns about background checks and trust, that was a mistake.

ATF Form 4473 and the Prohibited Persons List. This article notes that there is serious difficulty implementing New Jersey’s law about the terror watch list. You see, it’s a secret list. As in, really secret. FFLs can’t run that check.

Ted Nugent’s wife gets arrested at DFW International Airport for forgetting a gun in her carry-on.

Dave Hardy: “The law has the concept of justified homicide. The average person has the concept of ‘good riddance.’

Well, that didn’t work out the way they thought it would, did it?

California gun owners are about to get fracked.

Bloomberg: The Godfather of Gun Control. The resurgence in energy for gun control I think can be squarely credited to two people. The person who deserves the most credit is Barack Obama. The person who deserves the second most is Mike Bloomberg.

I hope this woman gets a really big judgement against the Pennsylvania State Police for this. I think the only way to stop raids like this from happening is to take away the toys.

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  1. It’s been alleged that the NFA Trade and Collectors Association is run by a guy who is an ATF confidential informer. You may also notice that they have not actually released the text of their original petition. Perhaps it’s because the proposed ATF rules exactly match their petition?

  2. It’s a good thing that my ancestors in the heat of battle weren’t better shots or you wouldn’t be here. The converse would also be true.

    It’s an even better thing that their (great)-great-great-grandsons can be friends 151 years later.

    1. Agreed! I admit that I laughed to myself when I actually found the map that showed your ancestor’s regiment headed up alongside the West Woods which is exactly where Sebastian’s ancestor was headed about that same time in the battle.

  3. Wow. CA will ban ALL semiautomatic rifles that accept a detachable magazine. And they’re calling it the LIFE Act, in homage to Cuomo’s SAFE Act. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse.

    1. And just as we predicted, they’re calling it a “loophole” that allowed non-military-styled rifles that function just like military looking guns to be owned.

  4. We’ve already lost our 4th Amendment rights to “officer safety”, so how long before cops can just up and shoot us for the same reason? Or are they already doing that by shooting people for making a “suspicious movement”?

    1. You must have missed the cops in California firing at random pickup trucks because somebody in a pickup truck was targeting cops. And the Chicago police chief announcing that he’d tell his cops that even though concealed carry is now legal, it’s still understandable if they shoot anybody they see with a gun in his hand. So, yeah, already doing that.

      1. I’d submit that they always have done that, it’s just that right now there is a small dislocation resulting from the proliferation of camera and video recording devices that makes denial somewhat more difficult. As soon as use of those is effectively limited, things will return to normal.

        More than sixty years ago there was an incident here in Bucks County where someone was allegedly behaving in a way that farmers’ wives thought threatening. The State Police (that was before we had municipal police) found a transient/vagrant and beat him to death. It was convenient to say he was the threatening guy, but no one really knew if he was. No matter. A bad guy was dead and all was right with the world.

  5. That paid rally in Ohio… same thing happened at Congressman Murphy’s office last month. We outnumbered them by a few. When their camera guy showed up to film, the Organizing for America signs all disappeared…..

  6. So fuming mad, that anything I say about those officers will be uncouth. But let me be blunt, they are a danger to America and the Constitution.

    And I’m sick of this crap.

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