7 thoughts on “How Massachusetts Authorities Celebrate the 4th”

  1. Irony indeed! And unmitigated gall! Thanks for posting this! I will share it!!!

  2. At some point, someone is going to stand on the Village Green. :-\

    On the plus side, the police didn’t execute them summarily. Do they have a dog, and is it ok?

      1. I heard the cop in the background walking through the house with Jenn. Thankfully, the dude was a dog owner himself, and apparently the pups were pretty chill, so at least the wheels didn’t come off the wagon over scared dogs or scared cops.

  3. They pulled this stunt on 4th July for two reasons: (1) they thought they’d be able to intimidate TJIC when he was unable to reach his lawyer (but, he did), and (2) they get extra pay or comp time for working the holiday.

  4. I drove through MA on the way to NH last week. There were Orwellian signs all along the highway warning of fines and jail for lighting firecrackers.

    Crossing into NH (with their fireworks advertisements) was a breath of fresh-air.

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