West Virginia Lost Jobs Due to Joe Manchin

Remind me that the next time I’m at an event with Jeff Reh from Beretta that I just need to go hug him and tell him he’s awesome. Hell, maybe I need to convince Sebastian to treat me to a Beretta firearm as a reward. He’d probably find that less creepy than a hug from someone he doesn’t really know at all well.

Why am I lovin’ on Beretta tonight? Because of this incredibly awesome letter Jeff Reh, Beretta’s general counsel, wrote to West Virginia officials citing the actions of Sen. Joe Manchin as the reason they will not consider any expansion into the state–an expansion that would bring with it more jobs.

In a letter to the Hardy County Rural Development Authority, Reh wrote that Beretta analyzed each state that offered the company a new home to determine its stance on Second Amendment rights.

“As a consequence of that analysis and especially due to Senator Manchin’s recent legislative choices we have decided not to consider your State for our future plans of expansion,” he wrote.

“We know that anti-gun sentiments are not shared by everyone within your State but we are looking first and foremost for a widespread and stable place of political support in any potential location.”

This is a gift to the next challenger to Sen. Manchin, and the headlines it is producing put into direct context the consequences of Manchin’s actions in Washington.

13 thoughts on “West Virginia Lost Jobs Due to Joe Manchin”

  1. Can’t shoot a 92 worth a damn. Love my 84BB. And of course, the shotguns rock.

  2. Since Beretta owns Uberti, I think I’m going to pick up that Uberti Rolling Block tomorrow.

  3. Don’t forget the CX4 Carbine! Fun as hell and (in 9mm) a good home defense arm for the recoil shy.

  4. As a Marylander I regret that Beretta decision to leave. However a large part of Beretta sales are those Evil Black Rifles for the civilian market. They have no choice.
    O’Malley refused to hear that Maryland would lose jobs in his obsession to get rid of guns.

    The only reason Maryland is halfway decent on guns is the old laws and old Democrats that like to hunt. But that is being whittled away.

    Manchin’s background check bill that targeted legal gun owners and the foolish case against the 14 yr old Jared, makes me wonder about WVA which is strong pro gun state

  5. I saw where Manchin said, in regards to the IRS and NSA scandals, there there was a war on Americans. It has not gone unnoticed that Manchin led the charge to disarm Americans.

  6. Good. I refuse to send money to “ban states.” If I was looking at making or selling guns I certainly would not consider any state that doesn’t have a strong pro-2A record.

    Heck, nine states have passed some version of a Firearms Freedom Act. Why even consider a state that hasn’t even made that symbolic gesture for expanding operations? You’d have to be an idiot to invest millions in a new plant… not to mention the difficulty in finding and retaining human capital. Far better to stay in America than to invest outside the country.

  7. I understand Beretta’s sentiments, and am deeply disappointed and saddened that the actions of our own Sen “Arlen” Toomey puts PA in the same category as WVA.

      1. Yes, Kahr’s relocation to PA is good news for us. Let’s hope Toomey doesn’t make them regret that decision!

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