Serious Improvements in Carry Laws in North Carolina

Sean Sorrentino has the low down on what the bill would do. It’s not just carry either. It will eliminate the purchase permit requirement that’s a throwback to the era when they were trying to prevent the wrong kind of Americans from exercising their enumerated right to keep and bear arms. It should be up for a vote today. Let us hope this passes. This would be a major improvement for North Carolina.

6 Responses to “Serious Improvements in Carry Laws in North Carolina”

  1. KevinW says:

    You can hear streaming audio (live now) here:

    This could be a big (good) deal for us in NC.

  2. The bill passed the Second Reading in the Senate. There was objection, so they have to delay until tomorrow to do the third and final reading before sending it back to the House for concurrence.

  3. J. Dock says:

    Excellent. I hail from NC and the purchase permit is a disturbing hangover from the bad ol’ days.

    Maybe they’ll decide to clarify the “well you can open carry, but only if a soccer mom doesn’t call it in, and you’re in the wrong county” way they handle that. It isn’t prohibited. You just can’t “go armed to the terror of the public.” Interpretations – you has them.

    For that matter, maybe my adopted home of Texas will get some nice liberty around that issue too…

  4. Patrick H says:

    This is great news. I travel to NC often and they have some weird carry laws. We are definitely spoiled in PA compared to them.

  5. Robert says:

    I’ll finally get my permit if this goes through.

  6. Mike says:

    As an NC CCH I really hope that this passes. It is a PITA to have to disarm to take the family out to Applebee’s or to park on the street to pick the kids up at school.