Thought on the Recent Mass Shooting

This is essentially my sentiment:

So, let’s see here, carrying a gun in Cali is illegal. Carrying onto a school, also illegal. And carrying in a library, illegal. But one more law should do it!

They’ll never admit it just doesn’t work. We just haven’t tried it hard enough, you see. Hard enough means you can defend yourself with soda straws. Well, until you do, then we’ll take those away from you too.

7 thoughts on “Thought on the Recent Mass Shooting”

  1. Soda straws? Hell, these days New York City wants to arrest you for having too large of a soda cup, so I imagine “wide-mouth, rapid calorie intake soda straws” will be banned soon enough…

    Even the Huffington Post is reporting on how silly the anti-gun cult has gotten: a boy was suspended for talking about wishing he could stop a school shooting. When HuffPo(!) thinks you’ve gone too far…

  2. The other day I was chatting with someone from the HuffPo side of the political divide, with whom I have a very long list of political disagreements (who is still, nevertheless, reasonable and tolerant of said disagreements). We were talking about our overlapping views on the surveillance scandal. Somehow we got talking about guns. He’s for gun control, but not a nut. More of a passive supporter of gun control. Somehow we got talking about guns, and he started making links between his anger with the government over surveillance and his reliance on said government for protection from guns. All I needed to say was that, “If you want government to take guns away from people, you’re going to have to give them this level of surveillance. Tell me you don’t think they’d use it for something else when they get a chance.”

    I didn’t change his mind, necessarily, but gears were turning. I could see it. A lot of people we think are anti-gunners are only on that side because guns aren’t their thing, and they don’t see extensions of government power as being a threat to them. Suddenly, now, they’re open to the argument. I wonder how many HuffPo people would be open to such arguments now that their own political leadership is showing its true fascist colors. Maybe not many, but I’m thinking it’s more than we sometimes think.

  3. This pattern will keep happening, fueling more desire for the ineptitude we see in CA, NJ, NY, CT, MD, CO… etc etc. People who wish to do harm will pick the paths of least resistance. So long as Schools, and other public facilities continue the farce of the “gun free” zones this will never end.

  4. If you’re wondering why it hasn’t shown up as much as say Newtown has, supposedly it’s because the shooter is from Lebanon.

    1. I would say that because there were five times as many dead and most were young children has more to do with its media exposer.

  5. And how exactly did he get all those shiny new looking illegal mags?

    The one sad but funny part of the news report I saw was the police were worried about the library patrons who were hiding in the “Safe Room” of the library. Not so “Safe”, eh?

  6. California currently has several gun ban bills that just passed the senate including expanding the existing “assault weapon” ban by reducing the single evil feature test to a ZERO evil feature test (in order to get those Ruger 10/22s that are only designed to kill the maximum amount of people in the shortest amount of time off the street), and redefining a detachable magazine to mean if you can remove it without disassembling the action first, it’s “detachable” (even using tools: screwdriver, pliers, plasma torch, etc.). These are now guaranteed to pass the assembly, and most likely be signed as well. You see, it doesn’t matter that the shooter’s gun was already banned. It doesn’t matter that the magazines were illegal. It doesn’t even matter if it happened in a different state. The fact that it happened means we are getting more bans.

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