Thursday Mini News Links

Links probably has a much better connotation than dump, which is something most of us usually do in the morning. Gun news is a little dry lately, but I’m still building up some stories in the tabs where I don’t really have much to add other than a link.

Picking a competition holster. I can’t speak for competition, but my regular carry holster for my Glock 19 is a Comp-Tac IWB Infidel holster, and I can’t say enough good thing about it. It basically stopped my quest for the better carry holster.

An interview with an anti-gun person at what looks to me to be the rally on Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Remember, no one wants to take your guns. This guy even says banning nails is “something to think about.”

An effective ban on all new handguns in California. I’d say they just make the lawsuits that much easier, but I’ve become more skeptical the courts can do a whole lot more for the Second Amendment. We’ve honestly lost too many elections.

To win Millennials, the GOP needs to embrace its inner libertarian.

Incredible 1000 yard shot with a .50BMG Barrett, offhand. I’d have a hard time even holding it in position, let alone being steady enough to hit something.

The gun control debate continues in Massachusetts. I didn’t think it had ever ended. Actually, Massachusetts has been pretty quiet post Newtown. Almost too quiet.

Support Your Local Gunfighter turns 8. Not many blogs make it to 8!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Mini News Links”

  1. So combine Cali’s defacto handgun ban and their defacto rifle ban and what do you have? I’m not too confident of the courts. But might as well fight there.

    And this shows more of the Two America’s insanity.

  2. I am truly sorry, but I won’t be visiting again. SYLG is extremely rude, and profane, to those that disagree with him, or even ask him questions that he doesn’t like.

  3. “To win Millennials, the GOP needs to embrace its inner libertarian.”

    Columns like that interest me, since I’m even too old to be a Baby Boomer, much less a Millennial, yet it outlines what the GOP would need to do to win me on any consistent basis.

    Also, I observe that the way it defines the libertarianism of Millennials, is a lot more consistent with what “libertarian” meant when I was actively involved in the movement, 20 – 30 years ago, than what it appears to have come to mean today. (Wow, do you think maybe I wasn’t wasting my time, and some little kids were actually listening to us back in the 1980s?) For example, at one time to be considered libertarian, you had to be suspicious of all government; not just be opposed to the current United States Government. It would be a shame if the Republican Party “embraced its inner libertarian” (which must be way inner) by adopting the version of libertarianism that seems to be defined as “a theocratic social conservative willing to play a few riffs of marijuana legalization.”

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