Madigan Files Motion to Extend Stay on Court Ruling

Madigan says the Governor needs more time:

The Illinois Constitution affords the Governor sixty days to review the Act and sign it into law. See Ill. Const. (1970) art. IV, § 9(b). Recognizing that this Court has already stayed its mandate sua sponte for 180 days, however, state defendants seek only an additional thirty days to provide the Governor reasonable time to review the Act. Accordingly, state defendants ask this Court to stay its mandate from June 9, 2013, to and including July 9, 2013. This additional time will avoid a circumstance in which there is no state law in place governing the carrying of firearms in public places, a circumstance that this Court’s original, 180-day stay anticipated and set out to avoid.

Well, maybe they should have thought about that instead of taking this whole sorry show to the wire. The attorneys for both Mary Shephard and Michael Moore have filed in opposition to Madigan’s motion. I think this bit from the Moore opposition pretty effectively sums it up:

Considering that the state’s remedial legislation passed with overwhelming veto-proof majorities in both houses, as well as the Governor’s deep and protracted involvement in this issue, the time for delay is over. This Court has spoken. The People of Illinois, through their representatives, have spoken. There must be some finality to this process. The motion should be denied.

Yes, we definitely need some finality to this issue. I hope the Court agrees and we can put and end to this sorry charade.

UPDATE: The stay has been granted. The charade continues.

9 thoughts on “Madigan Files Motion to Extend Stay on Court Ruling”

  1. Damn. This isn’t even my state and this pisses me off. What complete BS.

  2. I figured they’d choose to go kicking and screaming but this is just silly. They had plenty of time, they don’t need an extension.

  3. Just gives home rule communities time to ram through restrictive local ordinances which are then grandfathered under the law. Deerfield has already gone public with their awb plans, sure other left led communities will do likewise.

      1. Well that was better than what I originally thought. I was originally thinking that they would get get 180 more days.

  4. I believe the extra 30 days lets cities and counties in Illinois enact new “home rule” gun control measures. Madigan played the 7th circuit judges as if they were children.

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