Public Wants Senate to Move On

The latest poll shows that 62% of the American public wants the Senate to move on from gun control. Only about 33% want them to have another vote. But I thought gun control was popular? I thought 90% of Americans were demanding gun control now? Also:

Data collected since 1993 by the Pew Research Center show that Americans are more closely divided on gun policy now than they were in the 1990s.

Respondents indicated 50 percent support for “gun control” and 48 percent for “gun rights” in May 2013, according to Pew. By contrast, the polling firm found 67 percent support for “gun control” and 29 percent support for “gun rights” in March 2000.

Even less popular now than it was a decade ago. That’s not a mandate for what people like Bloomberg want to do, no matter how they try to spin the polling.

6 thoughts on “Public Wants Senate to Move On”

  1. I think the truth will be told by what congress actually does. I like as much as anyone to dismiss them collectively as “dumb,” but collectively they are pretty good at staying in office, even when the country rates them lower than child pornographers in popularity. If they grind up their rating of simple public opinion versus motivated public opinion, and see some political advantage to be had in 2014, that will define what they will do. I seriously doubt many of them make their assessments of what voters think, based on the opinions reported in the media.

  2. Of course those 50% for gun control are “meh” about it and have very little knowledge of current firearm law or what the proposals actually do.

    1. Same can be said for most politicians and media that push these stupid laws….

  3. Completely off-topic, have I mentioned that every time I see or type “pagunblog” I think of a 1911 with a pentagram on it?

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