Going to Need a Bigger Gun

I might need to start carrying my Smith & Wesson 629 if this kind of headline keeps appearing in my neighborhood. Maybe open carrying long arms in the ‘burbs isn’t such a bad idea after all.

17 Responses to “Going to Need a Bigger Gun”

  1. AZRon says:

    We get Black Bears in Phoenix suburbs every so often, although I don’t think any would weigh in at anywhere near 400 lbs. They’re likely in search of food and water due to drought conditions in the desert. I’ve never heard of a human attack by the bruins, but I have to admit that it would be an “oh sh!t” moment if one interrupted me while I was getting the mail. Though my mailbox is a scant 25 feet from my front door, I open-carry a 9mm when getting the mail due to a Mastiff and Pit Bull party thrown in my honor two years ago. But my 9 shot 9mm against a 400 lb bear would probably only p!ss it off.

    An N-frame S&W is one of the best things ever invented. And that goes for the S&W .44 magnum round as well. It may not be plastic, but it sure is fantastic. I think a lot of younger shooters are really missing out by not having a fine revolver. Oh, and by the way, I own and love plenty of plastic, so I’m not trying to start a semi/revolver or plastic/steel or caliber flame war.

  2. Dave says:

    Come on, it’s just a little black bear. It’s no big deal. You near city people crack me up. That bear is more afraid of you that you are of it.

  3. Bram says:

    I’ve had them walking through my side yard outside the fence. Last year we had one particularly large Black Bear strolling through looking for berries. No way was he less than 500 lbs.

    They are not to be messed with.

  4. Zermoid says:

    Ever been in State College PA? Where Penn State University is?
    Ever seen a bear in town?
    I have, at about 15-20 yards, I could see individual hairs! And my eye sight isn’t so great either…..

    That was the moment I decided to start carrying a 1911 instead of my little 380 ACP!

    And don’t fool yourself that black bears are harmless, I’ve read that more people are attacked every year by black bears than all other bears combined, and I believe it too. If for no other reason than people letting their guard down because of the “It’s only a black bear” mentality.

  5. Stranger says:

    Estimating the size of a bear at nose to nose range tends to err on the high side. Blackie has a lot of fur, and it does not weigh much. Not only that but Blackie tends to die easily.

    While I generally carry a .45, when I am not carrying a .41, I would not be seriously concerned if I were carrying a 9 or .38. Both are substantially stouter at self defense distances than the rifles the settlers hunted bear with a couple of centuries ago. And before you quibble – think about the powder used in the War of 1812.


    • Zermoid says:

      Don’t underestimate the power of a muzzleloader.

      You know those big steel gates they use to block off State Forrest roads? They have about 4 inch dia steel posts on either side, which are about 1/4 inch steel tube. I know for a fact that a 50 cal soft lead ball WILL go clean thru one when fired from a flintlock Hawkin rifle with 80 grains of black powder in it.

      I used one to empty my rifle before going home once. I honestly just expected it to splatter off the steel post, not drill a perfect hole thru the front and a slightly bulged one out the back…..

  6. Sigivald says:

    “Man, why is it always a black bear? Or a brown bear?


  7. Matthew Carberry says:

    Brown bears will beat you up, black bears will eat you.

    Play dead with a brownie, fight like hell from second number one with a black bear.

  8. EricW says:

    Jeff Cooper’s Bear Rules:

    Be alert.
    Remember that bears are not cuddly.
    Never enter bear country without a powerful firearm and the skill to use it well.
    Never camp on a bear thoroughfare.
    Be alert.