Can MAIG Mayors Keep Their Pants On?

I don’t think it’s too much to ask, but apparently it is for Mayor Healey of Jersey City, New Jersey, a founding member of MAIG. This was a controversy back in the 2004 race, when a photo of him naked on his porch surfaced. He said he got a little too drunk, and didn’t remember how he got on his porch. Apparently now the story is changing:

Healy gave a fresh, and notably more bizarre, account in an interview with the Star-Ledger in which he claimed he had actually been drawn outside that night by a group of noisy Hispanic girls — who proceeded to rip off the towel he was wearing and do “filthy” things.

Well, OK then. It could probably be argued Healy’s problems are really nothing new, and that he is likely, as a founding member of MAIG, to be the original illegal mayor. But I thought this bizarre new twist on how he ended up naked on his porch was worth a mention.

7 thoughts on “Can MAIG Mayors Keep Their Pants On?”

  1. I think I finally figured out what shovel-ready jobs are. It’s politicians that use their mouths to dig ever-deeper holes.

  2. He is just begging for some woman to come forward, claiming to be one of the “Hispanic girls,” and corroborate his story — while claiming that what he did was drop the towel himself and do something(s) unmentionable.

  3. Why can’t politicians just admit when they fuck up? Excuses/explanations like that are just downright insulting. I mean common, hispanic girls ripped off your towel and then preceeded to do “dirty” things to you? If that is true, I need to move to this town ASAP.

  4. Dear Penthouse

    I was taking a shower when I heard a great commotion outside. I jumped out of the shower, threw on a towel, and heard loud voices in Spanish outside my door. I opened the door and there was a beautiful Hispanic girl…..

    Lol. Does he think anyone is going to believe this crap?

  5. See, what he should have done is wrapped that towel around his waist like a boss, grabbed his shotgun, stepped out on the balcony, and fired two blasts…

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