Monday Morning News Dump

Greetings everyone. It was a mad weekend, but I’m fortunate to have largely finished my office renovation, and gotten it ready for carpet. I was supposed to be at this place two weeks ago, but this happened. But in the mean time, I’ve been collecting interesting stories.

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society puts in a call to the New Jersey State Police to ask about background checks taking so long. In New Jersey, they’ve never heard of an instant background check.

Joe Manchin: Beating a dead horse.

Lyle shows that deodands are alive and well, despite how enlightened we modern folks think we are.

Executive orders, round two. The Gun Control Act gives the President broad authority to regulate guns and ammunition. If he goes for broke, it will be painful. Also, our opponents are regrouping.

Gun control background checks yield a great many false positives. I agree with Dave that “enforcing current law” against people denied is effective rhetoric, but in practicality NICS gets it wrong much of the time, and even when it’s right, many of those people are no threat to society.

Cuomo is admitting that his drop in the polls is largely because of gun control. But I thought gun control was widely popular?

Anti-Gun Folks: All Talk, No Activism. Migel notes CSGV is irrelevant. I agree. Bloomberg is the number one enemy of the Second Amendment now.

Miguel has an amusing take on Mom’s Demand Action’s latest info graphic.

UPDATE: Forgot one: I had Kevin’s uberpost hidden in my work tabs.

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  1. I’m hoping that if Obama does something under the GCA, we can finally challenge the “sporting purposes” clause that its based on.

  2. It would be interesting to see how any import executive order would hold up to a challenge under the WTO.

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