Some Pics from the PA Capitol

Thanks to Twitter follower David:

2013PA2ARally2 2013PA2ARally1

Definitely bigger than previous years, but not overwhelming. I’ve seen the crowd at that rally as large in previous years. A big reason for that, I think, is that PA currently isn’t under threat, given that the GOP controls all three branches of the PA state government, and statements by House leadership and the Governor made it clear early on there wasn’t going to be any of that crap here we’ve seen in neighboring states. Not having to deal with a state fight in the middle of a federal right was hugely beneficial, and we owe Governor Corbett and House leadership a debt of gratitude for holding the line and allowing us to focus federally.

It looks like the big legislation in Pennsylvania now will be preemption enhancements, to actually give it some teeth. It’ll be starting in the Senate, having been introduced by Senator Richard Alloway. While I think preemption enhancement is important, I’d also like to see the state come to a deal on the “Florida Loophole” issue by removing the remaining discretion from LTC issuing authorities, including Philadelphia, granting universal reciprocity to out-of-state licenses, and clarifying that the Attorney General may not alter, modify, or rescind reciprocity agreements except at the behest of the reciprocal state. I’d be willing to trade that for a requirement that PA residents need a PA LTC in order to lawfully carry concealed, rather than a foreign license or permit.

Another, and better alternative to liberalizing the LTC regime, would be to push constitutional carry. But despite the shout out by Rep. Saccone for his bill at the rally today, I’m not going to hold my breath that the votes will be there for quite some time. At least we’ve gotten to the point where we’re getting a bill introduced. That, at the least, means there’s enough interest in it among the gun rights community that we’ve become a constituency to be pleased, and that’s a start. But in the mean time we have a city that does not fairly issue and Attorney General who thinks dinkering with longstanding reciprocity agreements is a fun pastime.

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  1. Andy B. says:

    “I’m not going to hold my breath that the votes will be there for quite some time.”

    Then what we should do is push for there to be a vote on it, this time. Wen have let that “no use even trying” excuse for doing nothing on Constitutional Carry flush for too long — as long as the concept has existed. Let’s see how some of our Lying Sacks vote when a real RKBA issue is on the table.

    I’d be willing to bet even some of Saccone’s prior cosponsors would vote again the bill. Right now they know it is safe to cosponsor a bill that will never be voted on, for the sake of show. I’d like to see their bluffs called.

  2. jdunmyer says:

    FWIW: I live in Michigan, and we’ve extended CCW reciprocity to any and all States, honoring all permits that were *issued to a resident of that State*. So, your Florida permit is no good unless you’re from Florida, but Ohio’s permit was good the day it was issued, even though Ohio hadn’t yet extended reciprocity to MI residents.

    So, we’re not as lenient as some, but our experience shows that requiring all States to honor other States’ CPLs wouldn’t be the horror show that the Anti’s envision.

  3. Bryan S. says:

    Preemption is not the biggest push, in my understanding it is the elimination of PICS.

    At least, that is the easier one, and the portion that the house has been trying to do for some time now. Unfortunately, the attitude up there is less than pro-gun, i think the Toomey affair with Bloomberg has some people in Harrisburg spooked.

  4. Andy B. says:

    I want to take back part of what I said yesterday. I was surprised to see that at least this rally got some decent and even positive coverage. There was a large front-page photo in my local (Philly suburb; same as Sebastian’s) newspaper today, directing readers to the story inside. Attendance was reported as “hundreds and hundreds” which I thought was an interesting way of reporting it.

    That is quite different from ordinary years, when the rally is a non-event that goes mostly unreported.

    I still maintain that the motive of the primary organizers is an annual campaign event, but this year, FWIW, it appears to have paid off for us, and better than usual for them.

  5. Bryan S. says:

    In past years, we have had only a few hundred at the capitol. This year, estimates are from 900-1200, will have to see afterward from the photos we took.

    Full disclosure, I am a FOAC member and volunteer, and part of the FOAC media team.

  6. Patrick H says:

    I talked to my state senator, and we brought up Preemption violations, Kane/LTCF/Receprocity issues, and Constitutional Carry (which he actually brought up). We had a good discussion, but not sure if anything will come of it.

  7. Andy B. says:

    Here is some pretty decent coverage.