The Other Carry Vote Today

In a very conveniently timed vote, Illinois had a last minute vote on a may-issue carry license bill that apparently was every thing an anti-gunner forced to pass some kind of carry bill could dream up–including the lack of preemption that would allow license holders subject to arrest for local possession laws–on the same day that gun owners were largely watching the federal debate.

It lost. In the words of Thirdpower, it “fail[ed] spectacularly.”

I heard there may be votes on better bills coming up as early as tomorrow. So, Illinois gun owners, keep paying attention to the state fight.

7 thoughts on “The Other Carry Vote Today”

  1. Last December the 7th Circuit order Illinois to adopt a carry law and gave them 180 days to do it. Failure to do would mean that Illinois could not enforce its law against concealed carry because it’s unconstitutional.

  2. That was 6 months and they have fritter away 4.5 months. If they do nothing then it is legal to carry with or without a permit.

  3. Two things: First, the AG there claims to not be subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal courts (!!!). Yup – that could end badly.

    Second, the SCOTUS’ refusal to grant cert to the NY “may issue”
    regimine means that Illinois believes they can adopt a VERY restrictive “may issue” program, though, as we’ve seen above, the wish list won’t go through. It appears that they will have to pass some sort of may issue, and if these sorts of votes hold, a reasonable one.

    Amazing. We are about to be 50 state carry legal in the US, in one form or another. Who’d a thunk it 20 years ago. Now if we can simply get the reciprocity worked out . . . .

  4. Wow. That margin is surprising. Beyond “may issue, the biggest barrier that needs to be overcome, IMHO is the ban on public transportation. The dumb “property adjacent to or near” restrictions don’t worry me too much. They won’t hold.

    WHEN we get carry, I will probably be on the first wave applying, but to be honest, I don’t imagine myself using it that much at first. At best, there will be a learning curve for the cops. At worst, there will be a lot of vindictive harassment before they come to the “acceptance” phase.

  5. The same illinois Attorney General who thinks her state is not subject to Federal Constitutional law moved the 7th Circuit in February for an en banc rehearing of the case decided by a 3-judge panel in December. The 7th Circuit denied the request, so the only recourse she has now to argue Illinois is not subject to the U.S. Constitution is to the Supremes. Even the 4.5 liberals on that court are not likely to agree with her.

    Illinois will probably come up with a CCW law that will be a joke of a law like no one has ever seen. Only lesbians between midnight and 4 AM on Thursdays may apply at an underground location in a downstate cornfield, or something.

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